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Karen Kain, Spects Of The Society That Brings People Together (Speech Presentation Sample)


5-7 minutes speech
Speech between 5-7 mines
There is a paper about the information and I am doing the" Karen Kain(a dancer)" one. And I am doing the speech.
(the paper is from my classmate so he did some mark on it just don't care about it.)


Karen Kain
Karen Kain
Art has always been one of the factors and aspects of the society that brings people together. As things go wrong and the world seems to be through tough and divisive issues, art always seems to call people together. Regardless of our differences (race, gender, opinions, and religious inclinations) art always seems to unite us all and even if for a moment make us forget where we come from or even that we could be in different factions. In the history of world, there are individuals who have in one way or the other impacted us with their talent in different genres of art. A perfect example of one individual would be Karen Kain; Canada's pride. Kain's success is still unmatched and the National ballet of Canada even refers to her as “one of Canada's most renowned and committed advocates for the arts.” Born in 1951, Karen Kain's life revolved around dancing and in 1962 she found her way to the National Ballet School of Canada. Her life is indeed colorful and she is indeed a treasure.
While in school, her talent manifested and developed into something that could wow and please a crowd. In 1969, she graduated into the NBC and her light has never gone dark since. People who have had or have tried their hand in dancing can agree that it is indeed not a simple feat but Karen's patience and hard work did pay off. Her debut in a big stage came in 1971 where she took on the role

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