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Model United Nations (Speech Presentation Sample)


I would like your to write a speech about the topic Preventing Terrorist Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction from the standpoint of the county Lithuania. keep in mind that you are writing this speech as if you were a delegate from the country of Lithuania, and are speak to the United Nations security council on why you want to talk about this topic, and why it is important. Talk about it from the standpoint of Lithuania, this is a Model United Nations class so we are in a constant simulation of the real UN. This speech needs to be 1 min and 30 seconds long


Speech presentation: Preventing terrorist acquisition of weapons of mass destruction
Fellow delegates, the delegation of Lithuania is honored to participate in the U.N conference and hopes to contribute positively towards preventing terrorist acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. The problem of terrorism affects countries in different scales, and Lithuania a member of the Baltic States is aware of the problems and challenges posed by weapons of mass destruction. Lithuania is a member of NATO, but also shares ties with Russia as it was once part of the Soviet Union. As a small country, Lithuania requires cooperation with the neighboring countries and the U.N. member states, in order to improve long-term investments in anti-terrorism efforts. Lithuania supports the prevention of terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, having already signed international treaties and agreements.
Lithuania does not have weapons of mass destruction and related technologies, potential threats are likely to emanate from illegal trafficking. Better coordination of information with international agencies as well as continued cooperation with the EU and NATO are vital. Additionally, international cooperation would improve the country’s ability to prevent the acquisition of the weapons of destruction. In particular, supporting efforts towards intercepting the illegal trafficking of weapons of mass destruction in the Baltic region would make the region and the world at large safer.
There is recognition that the strengthening the existing laws to combat the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction is necessary. At the same time, Lithuania seeks to r...
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