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Hamlet Goes to The Shrink (Speech Presentation Sample)


Use this Text book (Source) : No fear Shakespeare-Hamlet. This a Final Project Activity. I have Singed up for : Hamlet's Just learned that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had an envelope requesting the king of England kill him. 1 - Write out a 2 minute dialog between hamlet and his therapist following the traumatic event yo've singed up for. 2 - The therapist will ask in depth questions and evaluate hamlet's state. 3 - Hamlet will describe his thoughts and feeling, and perhaps explain his action during the event. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE MAJOR ACCURACIES/FACTS OF THE PLAY.

Hamlet’s Dialogue with His Therapist after Learning of Claudius’ Letter
Hamlet my prince, you seem burdened by a heavy load in your heart,
Sit here and let it pour out of your mouth,
And your confessions I shall keep secret under oath.
Dear Sir, it is true I carry a great burden,
For which I seek you my heart to gladden.
It’s my duty my prince, that the souls that come to me while sad,
May leave whilst happy and glad.
Let us hear what ails Denmark’s heir,
The prince whose praises are sung by the birds of the air.
My dear doctor, the burden that is eating my soul,
Is the illness that is afflicting us all;
the curse that has befallen our land.
There is murder everywhere, and so much spilling of blood.
I too have heard, of the curse that has visited the King’s palace.
But I doubt my lord, that death and blood can shake a prince,
Destined to rule and defend his kingdom by the sword.
You speak so bravely of death,
As one who has never nearly lost his breath,
In the high seas far away to the south,
On his way to the Queen’s land.
Well spoken my prince, as befits the wisdom of a kingdom’s prized son.
Losing one’s breath in the high seas, is indeed such a scare to man.
Enlighten me then, on the adventures of your journey to the queen’s land.
Oh discerning one, how ingenious your ways,
of reading the souls of men.
Right away with it then, that my conscience I may unburden.
That fiendish Claudius, his soul will never rest,
Until he has tightened his hold on the king’s throne and e...
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