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The extent of Hamlets Depression (Essay Sample)

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Ryan Allsopp
Ms. Romlewski
ENG4U 17
January 29, 2013
The Extent of Hamlet`s Depression
The sudden death of a father ushers in a dramatic change in Hamlet`s life. He is in deep grief over his father`s death and is suffering from clinical depression to a great extent that affects him undoubtedly. He mourns the loss of his father that was thought to have died of natural causes, but later proven to have been murdered. His mother Gertrude gets married to his uncle Claudius and Hamlet is angry that she remarried too soon. Hamlet later learns from his father`s ghost that his uncle Claudius poisoned his father and he despises him the more. This chain of new disturbing happenings gives him several troubled thoughts in which he doesn`t know how to handle. These factors leave Hamlet vulnerable and weak as he is distracted with the contemplation of death, and illusions of depression.
Hamlet is first unable to come to terms with the sudden death. His grieving process begins with denial and it is evident when he says "I would not hear your enemy say so/ nor shall you do my ear that violence" (Act1, Scene2. Lines 77-78). In the first act where the death of King Hamlet is brought to our attention, we are also shown how much it has affected his son, Hamlet. It sets out the sombre mood of the play that haunts Hamlet the key character in the play. He mourns with extreme confusion as to what he should do next as the world seems meaningless for him when he says, "How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable / Seem to me all the uses of this world!" (Act l, Scene2, Lines 133-134). Aside from the confusion he seems to be delusional, having a conversation with his father`s ghost who seeks the vengeance of his death. Hamlet has a deep consideration for suicide; he does not want to be a part of the world anymore and have to deal with his feelings. Hamlet feels that he lacks the courage and determination necessary to undertake his revenge against his uncle. He wonders whether enduring the frustrating feelings is better than dying. He contemplates committing suicide. However, he is left unable to decide whether he would rather live or die when he says "to be or not to be" (Act III, Scene 1, Line 67). These points lead to a very vivid example of one who has the potential to become mentally ill. Suicidal though...
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