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Hamlet Indecisive Personality and a Link to Oedipus complex (Research Proposal Sample)


This document is intended to assist you in planning your paper, and your proposal is not a short version of your paper. It is more like an outline. The following points should be followed, but usually the document should not exceed two full pages. If necessary, you may use single space for this assignment.

This portion of your proposal will explain the goal of your paper, i.e. what the paper attempts to achieve and through what means. Typically, a research paper provides a particular interpretation of a literary work using published scholarship for support. For our project, you could interpret a poem or a group of poems, a play, or a novel listed on the syllabus. You could focus on a theme, a character, or a literary technique. Make sure you have the following for this part:
❖ What is the literary work you are working on?
❖ What is your thesis statement?
❖ What is your critical approach to the subject?
You may simply answer the above questions in one sentence each and long, drawn out narratives should be avoided.
Note: For a description of the critical approaches to literature, see Chapter 51 of the textbook, on pages 1641-1662.
You must list a minimum of three sources in MLA format that you plan to use in your paper in the MLA format. However, it will take more than three sources for you to do an above-the-average job. This means that if you are planning on a stronger proposal, you should have five to six sources or more. A source is usually defined as one literary article, which could be from a newspaper, a magazine, or more frequently a scholarly journal. You may also cite from a book. If you cite from an anthology or collection of critical essays, each entry will be regarded as one source. The best sources are a combination of different types, not just one kind of publication. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and study guides such as SparkNotes may be useful, but are not considered strong sources for this assignment.
You should provide a succinct summary for each source you plan to use. Understandably, you may be exploring certain sources at this early stage, but may not end up using them for the writing of your paper. This is fine. You may find more and better sources later on and decide to cite them in your paper instead, but you do not need to provide summaries for these sources when you turn in your research paper.
Hamlet or Gatsby can be the topic


Institutional Affiliation
Course Code/Title
Hamlet Indecisive Personality and a Link to Oedipus complex
Part I. Purpose and Scope
What the paper attempts to achieve and by which means?
The paper attempts to connect the causes of Hamlet’s indecisiveness with the theory of Oedipus complex that was first postulated by Sigmund Freud and the role of other characters in Hamlet’s development of the personality trait.
What is the literary work here?
The literary work analyzed in this paper is William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
What is the thesis statement?
While a bulk of literatures depict the protagonists Hamlet with unresolved flawed personality trait of Oedipus complex as evidenced in Laurence Olivier’s production of William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet, this paper attempts to explore the role of other figures such as Claudius in Hamlet’s moral self-development that leads to his decision to slay his uncle.
What is your critical approach to the subject?
The approach to the subject will be to connect the theory of Oedipus complex with Hamlet’s character that leads him to kill King Claudius, his uncle and to relate how various authors have interpreted the protagonist’s personal traits as a flawed trait common among most tragedies.
Part II. Sources
Mayberry, Katherine. Everyday arguments: A guide to writing and reading effective arguments (3rd Ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2009. Print.
Mitzelfeld, Pamela T. “The abstract and brief chronicles of the time” A study of four film adaptations of Hamlet.
Cameron, Eileen. “The psychology of Hamlet.” International Journal of Language and Literature, 2(2014):161-177
Dixon, Campbell. “Shakespeare: Laurence Olivier as Hamlet: original 1948 Telegraph review. Telegraph, April 23, 2014. Web
Cook, Patrick. Cinematic Hamlet: The films of Olivier, Zeffirelli Branagh, and Almereyda. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2011. Print.
Part III. Source Summary
Cameron, Eileen. “The psychology of Hamlet.” International J

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