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The Relationship Between The Kings And The Prophets Of Israel (Research Paper Sample)


Worksheet Grading Rationale
Grades will be based on the successful completion of all the assignments and the following criteria:
(A) Exhibits mastery of ideas, arguments, or theories and presents clear, thoughtful arguments with few significant grammatical and Turabian errors.
(B) Exhibits a good grasp of ideas, arguments or theories and presents a good argument with minimal grammatical and Turabian errors.
(C) Exhibits an adequate though perhaps limited understanding of ideas, arguments, or theories it discusses, presents weak arguments, and contains significant grammatical and Turabian errors.
(D) Exhibits significant misunderstandings of factual matters, uses poor research or insufficient answers and fails significantly with respect to grammatical and Turabian errors.
(F) No paper submitted, or a paper that commits plagiarism, or a paper that presents no argumentation, or insufficient research.
Formatting of paper

  1. A paper should include a cover sheet (Turabian 8, p. 377, figure A1)
  2. A paper should include proper page numbering (no # on a cover page, page 1 follows cover)
  3. A paper should use 12 point Times New Roman as the font.
  4. A paper should be double spaced.
  5. Use of proper footnotes (includes font, spacing, format, short notes, Ibid., etc.)

State the question you are answering as it appears above, followed by a blank line, followed by the answer to the question.
Be very intentional in avoiding plagiarism. The Safe Assign feature on Blackboard will be used as an aid to discovering plagiarism. You are able to use Safe Assign to ensure you avoid plagiarism. The student will have the ability to submit a preliminary draft through Safe Assign in the week prior to the actual due date of the assignment. Yes, you will be able to go back to this link at any point before your final submission.
Discuss the relationship between the kings of Israel and the prophets of Israel.
Students are encouraged to consult the following sources to answer the question:
•Keith Whitelam, “King and Kingship,” Anchor Bible Dictionary, 4:40-48.
•John Schmitt, “Prophecy (Preexilic Hebrew),” Anchor Bible Dictionary, 5:482-89.
•K. M. Heim, “Kings and Kingship,” Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books, 610-23.
•John Bright, A History of Israel.


The relationship between the kings and the prophets of Israel
The kings of Israel were believed to be agents sent by God to serve the Nation. The kings were expected to observe the laws and covenant of God, defend their Nations and rule all the people in justice. The king was the anointed representative of the Lord and as the mediators of the covenant between the Lord and the Israel people. The Israelites kings were divinely chosen and they were expected to abide by the covenant of God. They had the responsibility of reproving, encouraging, teaching, warning and also giving guidance to the people of God. A prophet is a God's messenger and a mouthpiece through which God speaks through a vessel that passed the message to the people of Israel. In Israel, prophets were referred to as a Gods representative and thus when a prophet was speaking it was regarded that it was God speaking to the people. The prophets brought the word of God to the Israelites and they would call people to respond to the teachings of the word. The prophets had a visionary ministry which began since they were the images and representatives of the Lord. By discerning the heart of the lord they addressed the word of the living God to the people. They were required to stand strong for the word of God just like it's featured in prophet Jeremiah Ministry where he confronted the false diviners. The prophet's words were thought to be from the spirit of God and thus they were powerful and very effectual. There were different prophets and every prophet played a different role. The prophets and kings were respected and had different roles that they played. There has been a relationship between the state heads and the religious authority since the early modern times. The discussion covers the relationship that existed between the kings and prophets of Israel.[Fleming, D. Collective Israel, and Its Kings. The Legacy of Israel in Judah's Bible, 2012, 91-113.]
Before there were kings in Israel the Israelites were living in a small and scattered settlement being ruled by judges such as Deborah and Gideon. The period of the king in Israel was divided into two the first three kings including Solomon, David, and Saul in the period called golden age. After the rule of King Solomon, there was a civil war and Israel was divided into the northern and southern kingdom. The era of kings started with Saul which was about one thousand years before Christ and King Saul is seen to be the most disappointing king of Israel but during the reign of David and Solomon, the empire was expanded. David established Jerusalem as the Capital city while Solomon made advancements by building the temple. In Israel, the era of kings began with the people saying that they wanted to be ruled by a man who was like them just like the surrounding nations. The authority of traditions in Israel was founded under the concept of privacy where some people received revelation from God about his people.
In Israel the role and responsibilities of kings and prophets were interrelated. In a certain way God himself was the king of Israel and if any other leader was set under him it was necessary that he was to do that and this he did through the prophets. When the people of Israel required a king they asked Samuel who was a prophet of God. The prophets were expected to pray on behalf of the king and the people of Israel. Praying was a significant task played by the prophet since they had an image of what God was doing. The prophet knew when the kings needed the prayers the most and could not rest until they would pray and God could fulfill their prayers.[Duguid, I. M. Kings of Israel. Ezekiel and the Leaders of Isra...

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