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Protecting Victims Of Spousal Abuse In Edmonton, Alberta (Research Paper Sample)


Sociology 290 Social Problems
Essay Topic: Protecting victims of spousal abuse in Edmonton.
Topic approved but needs: “more focus, you will have to focus on a more specific aspect of the topic.”
Assignment 5: (5% of your final grade)
1. When you have completed Unit 4, select an aspect of a social problem that you would like to address in a research essay of about 2500 words (10-12 pages). Make certain that the topic is limited enough to be considered in an essay of this kind. For example, “overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the Canadian justice system” is probably too broad a topic, but you might be able to write an interesting and illuminating essay on “over- and under-policing in an Indigenous community.” Similarly, “pimps in the sex trade in Canada” may be too broad, but “protecting sexually exploited youth in Victoria” might not. In any case, you must discuss your choice with your tutor, who will help you refine it and advise on whether you will be able to find enough resources to write an essay about it. Use this assignment link to submit your topic choice. See http://orientation(dot)lms(dot)athabascau(dot)ca/ if you need help using the link.
2. When you and your tutor have agreed on a topic, locate at least eight sources (books, articles, Internet posts, etc.), discussing it. Submit your list to your tutor for comment using this assignment link. Your tutor will determine whether the items are suitable, and may be able to suggest additional sources.
Assignment 6: (10% of your final grade)
Draft an outline of your research essay and submit your work to your tutor for grading using this assignment link (see http://orientation(dot)lms(dot)athabascau(dot)ca/ if you need help using the link).
The process of drafting your outline will aid you both in defining your thesis statement (see below), and in writing an initial statement of organization. The statement of organization is a short passage that follows your thesis statement and explains how you will analyse the topic and present your arguments. It helps you clarify how you will prove and document your ideas, and it serves your reader as a conceptual map of the structure of your paper. The outline and the statement of organization are therefore usually written at the same time.
An essay is composed of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Of course, the body of the essay will be a lot longer than either the introduction or the conclusion, and will normally contain several different subtopics and discussions. As you sketch your outline, the body of the essay will expand to accommodate these various sections. Consequently, your essay outline may at some point look like this:
I. Introduction
• Interesting opening sentence (background, quotation, something to interest and entice the reader)
• Thesis statement (the central theme of the paper, and the key conclusion that you are endeavouring to prove)
• Statement of organization (the order and structure of the arguments you will make to justify your interpretation)
II. Body
Section 1
a. Statement of main idea or key argument
b. Supporting evidence
sequence of events
c. Summary of the main point
d. Link to Section 2
Section 2
a. Main idea
b. Supporting discussion
c. Summary
d. Link to Section 3
Section 3
Section 4
III. Conclusion
• Reiteration of the initial problem or question at issue
• Summary of your analysis and key arguments (including all the main topics covered)
• Overall conclusion based on evidence presented
IV. Bibliography or References Cited
With a complete and thoughtful outline, the writing of the essay is simply a matter of fitting the research you have done into the pattern that you have made. Just follow the outline, making sure that the progression of information is logical, and that your arguments are well supported by evidence and analysis.
If you need further assistance in preparing an outline, please see The Purdue Online Writing Lab.
Assignment 7: (20% of your final grade)
Complete your research on the topic of your choice, and write a 2500-word, using the outline you provided in Assignment 5. Note that if your later research is not reflected in your outline, you may, of course, adjust the structure of your essay. But overall, your writing should be guided by the outline submitted to your tutor.


Protecting Victims of Spousal Abuse in Edmonton, Alberta
Due Date
Protecting Victims of Emotional Abuse in Edmonton, Alberta
Spousal violence is the use of any form of violence in an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship refers to a relationship between opposite sex or same-sex partners. It could be current and former dating relationships, common-law relationships, married relationships, or individuals who are parents to one or more children. It may be a single act of violence or several acts amounting to a pattern of abuse. Spousal violence cuts across every line of income, geography, and social status. Abuse occurs in every community in the country with thousands of incidents occurring annually. Examples of spousal abuse include physical, emotional (also called psychological), and sexual abuse. Emotional (psychological) abuse is common in Edmonton, Alberta, and needs to be addressed.
Meaning of emotional/psychological abuse
Emotional/psychological abuse entails verbal abuse, ridicule, dominance, or the use of intimate knowledge for degrading a partner. It mainly targets the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the victim (Karakurt & Silver, 2013). Here, both verbal and non-verbal acts are used to hurt the victims. Essentially, emotional abuse entails behaviors that can be used to terrorize the victim without the use of any physical force. In most case, emotional/psychological abuse is a precursor to physical abuse. During the early stages of a relationship, emotional abuse predicts subsequent physical spousal abuse as the relationship continues. Emotional abuse is an important form of abuse among women. A majority of women report that this form of abuse is worse than physical abuse they undergo. Emotional abuse has a critical role in setting up and maintaining an abusive dynamic of a spousal relationship. It may involve yelling, insulting a partner, belittling a partner in front of others, preventing a partner from leaving home, treating a partner like a servant, demanding absolute obedience among others.
Why Spousal abuse goes unreported
The main problem is that a majority of the incidences of emotional abuse by a spouse go unreported. For a long time, spousal abuse was termed as a family matter. Other third parties, including the police, did not have a business in the matter. Talking about any form of spousal abuse was considered inappropriate. It took a lot of time and work by advocates to change the attitude of the public regarding spousal abuse. The changes caused authorities to charge the perpetrators routinely and also develop domestic assault teams to address the issue. Nonetheless, the problem persists and deepens. Statistics from the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (ACWS) indicate that women in Alberta face an increased risk of being killed by an intimate partner. ACWS further released statistics in November 2018, showing that crisis calls were up 10% in just two years (Bartko, 2018).
Since the term “abusive relationship” carries so much negative stigma, victims usually deny that they are in one. It is difficult for people to admit that someone they love is abusive. When it occurs, the victims cannot understand how someone they love is capable of abusing them. Others do not think that emotional abuse constitutes an abusive relationship since they believe that an abusive relationship is one that involves physical abuse. Additionally, a majority of the victims tend to blame themselves for emotional abuse. They may blame it on something that they have done and justify the actions of the partner. The victims feel ashamed and fail to recognize the adverse effects of the abuse on their lives.
Effects of emotional ab...

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