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Economic development, war, and military effectiveness Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Hi, I first need to have an outline(include with topic and thesis statement) for "Economic development, war, and military effectiveness(security dilemma)"
and the outline looks like this:
Planning with an Outline
I Introduction (Paragraph 1)
A. Hook:
B. Connecting Information:
C. Thesis Statement:
II Body( Support)
A. Paragraph 2(Pro argument) topic sentence:
3 Transition sentence:
B. Paragraph 3(Pro argument) topic Sentence:
3. Transition sentence:
C. Paragraph 4(Pro argument) topic Sentence:
3. Transition sentence:
D. Paragraph 5(Counterargument and Refutation) topic Sentence:
1. Counterargument
2. Refutation
E. Conclusion (Paragraph 6) (restated thesis),
Then i need 25 pages of research papers with annotated bibliography
The outlined deadline is today.
thesis statement and rough outline due now, today.
1. The thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences in which you say specifically what you're currently planning to argue about.
2. The outline should explain how you think you will organize your research and argument.
3.The outline paragraphs A, B, and C need more the background section and i need a more specific argument.(Please do not make too broad thesis statement or argument in each paragraph)


Correlation Between Populism and Political Corruption: The Continuous Rise of Populism and How Populist Ways of Governance Lead to Persistent Political Corruption in The United States and Other Countries.Kyung H Ashcraft
Correlation Between Populism and Political Corruption: The Continuous Rise of Populism and How Populist Ways of Governance Lead to Persistent Political Corruption in The United States and other Countries.
Based on the populist theoretical framework, a common aspect of the political landscape is the corrupt, few, and the honest majority. The political system was structured in a dualistic manner between the elite and people. The foundation also is on widespread mistrust of the leaders or elites. The differences force those in power to use state resources to protect their power by distributing favors through corrupt means. Populist leaders tend to focus on enriching themselves and marginalizing some of the majority. Populists have a particular goal with the elections. They use them as a tool to reveal the fraudulent majority that already exists in populist leaders' minds in the country and that the leader helps to push them to the surface and make them victorious. In this paper, I will argue that populist leaders in the United States and other countries tend to use state resources and the power given to them by the citizens to promote selfish interest; hence, enriching themselves and favoring close friends and family, and marginalizing some of the majority. The majority's marginalization comes from the existence of a powerful male minority who have long claimed to speak for the people of the United States. In reality, the privileged minority are usually deeply out of contact with an increasingly multicultural society with diverse culture and choices.[Urbinati, Nadia. "Political theory of populism." Annual Review of Political Science 22 (2019): 1-13.] [Ibid., 5.]
After the cold war, a new perspective of contemporary governance, known as populism, became more popular. The rise of populism in the United States has influenced most policies, including anti-immigration policies and border controls. Starting from the early 1980s, the link between the rise in populism and political corruption has been extensively researched and widely discussed in the literature. The rise in populism has directly led to an increase in political corruption in the United States. The fight against corruption has been low. Corruption has mainly led to wrangles between political elites and populist leaders.[Ibid., 6] [Ibid., 3] [Ibid., 5]

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