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PUBL0042 International Organizations: Theory and Practice (Research Paper Sample)


To develop an argument relating to an aspect of inter-state cooperation (e.g. compliance, enforcement of commitments, the impact of domestic politics) through international institutions. Essay questions to choose from, guidance and one sample essay are included in the attachments.


PUBL0042 International Organizations: Theory and Practice
Quantitative research design
1. Introduction
What influences economic cooperation between the UK and Europe countries?
Countries cooperation matters vary from trade and economics, politics, security, migration, health, international agreements/laws and sometimes joint military exercises. At the same time, the nation-state and sovereignty influence perceptions about international relations, and the friendliest nations are most likely to co-operate (Keohane, 1992). Economic cooperation can be contentious as states adopt different policies to improve their competitiveness, but still, need to cooperate and sometimes compromise to trade.
Economic cooperation is important as it influences economic policies and growth when there are fewer barriers, but economic diversification and the lack of political will are stumbling blocks towards achieving an agreement (Krause, Suzuki & Witmer, 2006). Furthermore, there are differences in economic development and states have different economic competitiveness. In the EU, German is the strongest economy that is diversified and has a large manufacturing base. President Trump has increasingly focused on protectionism, and there are growing economic tensions with China, and other nations and regions may also increase protectionism.

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