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Pigeon Mail Delivery System (Research Paper Sample)


Please help me write an essay about the communication method - "Dove deliver method". The detail instructions are provided in the attached photo. I have some idea about how to answer these required questions in the paper. I wrote these ideas and outlines and attached as well. This assignment does not require to cite any quotations from the sources, and you can use any sources to support the essay. The number of sources used is not restricted. 7 is just an optimal number I left. You can use more or less, totally decided by yourself. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PUT THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ALL THE SOURCES YOU USED AT THE END OF THE ESSAY. Thanks a lot!!


Pigeon Mail Delivery System
Before the discovery and use of motorised vehicles, animals have been used in mail delivery in many countries around the world throughout history. The use of animals used to be the only reliable method of transporting messages over long distances. (Wikipedia 2019) I chose to investigate “Pigeon Post” because the method intrigues me on how the birds are trained to deliver letters to different locations.
The pigeon post was used by different societies, particularly the European countries by various government institutions. They established this method to acquire a system for military and social purposes. It was used since ancient times to communicate messages from territories that are far from the central governing bodies. It was also later used for naval purposes to send letters from the land to ships at the sea. (Mary Blume 2004)
This method of communication used homing pigeons to carry messages. The pigeons, or doves, were effective as message carriers due to their innate homing abilities. The birds were first transferred to a new location by putting them inside cages. The birds were attached with messages through a container on their bodies, then they would fly back to their home, where the caretaker or owner could read the mail attached to them. During the world war, the pigeon post system was coined as war pigeons. (Wikipedia 2019)
The primary technology needed were equipment and cages for the pigeons, and a systematic training method to habituate the pigeons to a home base. Homing pigeons were a practical choice because they were easy to capture and breed. The birds also had innate ability to sense and memoriz

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