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We Gon' Be Alright: Notes On Race And Resegregation By Jeff Chang (Research Paper Sample)


1. You must cite at least five sources in your final essay. You may quote from Internet sources and magazines, but at least two of the sources you cite must be scholarly (peer-reviewed books and articles). You must provide an MLA Works Cited page as explained by Hacker in "Research and Documentation." Note that this is not the same as an Annotated Bibliography, which you will submit in Module Five. A list of Works Cited includes only the sources that you actually cite in the body of your paper. and is attached to the end of your paper but not included in your paper's page count. 
Note: You are not obligated to use in the final paper all the sources you reviewed in the Annotated Bibliography.
2. Follow MLA guidelines for formatting and documentation, which are explained in depth on the OWL website.
*Please faithfully render any language used in our text or any other text you are referencing. Not only are we all adults here but we want to honor and be true to the original text.
Then I do not know if Scholarly sources are for our school library.
As an example beyond the title itself, consider the following two quotes from Chapter One, "Is Diversity for White People?": "{Trump's] ham-fisted 'Make America Great Again' slogan-so prosaic and dull next to Reagan's 'Morning in America'-seemed designed for bro-style first-pumping..." (11) and, "Trump descended from the air and air waves to talk shit*" (12). You might discuss the added weight of the term "bro" in an election cycle that saw "Bernie Bros" pitted against most other camps, including Trump supporters. You might dig into how "talking shit" is an activity found more on the street than at the podium, and then, tell us whether these language choices obscure or illuminate the audience's view of the subject. What is being revealed or subverted, emphasized or downplayed or omitted, and are the choices ethically justifiable or irresponsible? The type of thesis will have the kind of specific focus on Chang's language as I illustrate here. Dig deeper, not wider.


We Gon' Be Alright: Notes On Race And Resegregation By Jeff Chang
The term slang is used synonymously to describe colloquial language commonly used in informal writing. Colloquial language is important in writing because it creates a conversational tone in the writing. Colloquial language is the everyday spoken languages used in writing to present a relaxed and casual way of trying to achieve informality when discussing sensitive topics. Slang is a common method used by writers to show impertinent behavior that the seems to be embedded in our society.
The purpose of this research paper what slang is and how it is used to show why slang deviates from standard language when discussing sensitive topics, in reference to Jeff Chang's article We Gon' Be Alright: Notes On Race And Resegregation. Slang serves several purposes, this paper present how Chang use slang to identify himself by members of specific groups, change the level of his discussion towards informality to oppose establishment.
What is slang?
The term slang can be traced back to Scandinavia, it's a term used to describe a narrow piece of land that goes between larger pieces of land to show free movement (Rezaei 6). In language, the term slang is used in casual interaction to show some form of identity or oppose authority in a non-threatening manner (Rezaei 8). Many authors use slang while writing, it's not surprising to come across colloquial speeches in article and novels.
Slang has become more in speech and in writing, slang comprises of randomly altered words that are overstated, and at times can be forceful or facetious. In other words, slang is a writing style that use distorted words or altered words to attract the audience (Rezaei 8).
In one of the books, Slang And Sociability, the author describes slang as popular culture in college defining it as the ever-changing set of words and phrases the most speaker use as a strategy to either reinforce or establish a social identity within the society (Baines 16). Most definitions of slang word present the social aspects making it an important strategy in speech and in writings. Slang serves several purposes. This is to identify members of groups, change the levels of conversation to the direction of informality to oppose establishment (Baines 20).
The use of slang
Slang are words or a set of phrases used within informal arenas by specific groups of people. When we read articles or any other forms of literature, we can easily recognize slang as a common literary technique used by writers. Most contemporary writers use figurative words as a deliberate method to enhance their writing (Coleman 123). Slang words, also known as colloquial speech are some of the new methods writers used as the most comfortable style to express their sentiments (Coleman 129).
Writers are mostly influenced by the situation around them, the people around them and the place they belong. It becomes a common scenario that colloquial words are deliberately used to instill a sense of the reality of a situation (Coleman 131). Jeff Chang's article We Gon' Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation in a good example of his expression of racial segregation in America. Chang shares his personal experience as an Asian American living in America to describe the artificial tension created by people (Chang 46).
Using his literary expression, Chang examines how racial segregation is fueled; Chang describes how people tend to react to crisis using flurry of words to spark cultural wars that ends up making racial discrimination a crisis cycle (Chang 54). Chang's choice of words makes him feel comfortable to challenge the authority as he analyzes the racial crisis cycle from a different perspective.
How Chang use slang to change the level of his di...

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