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4 Core Elements Of Any Religion Are Aspects: Maya Culture (Research Paper Sample)


The topic can relate to gender, or kingship, or religion.
From four elements of religion to expand Mayans religion: cosmology, belief in the supernatural, rules of behavior, and rituals.
Include at least 7 internal citations within your essay (with at least one from each of your three sources: your text and two outside sources), in support of your explanations.
Quotations should be 10 words or less.
The essay assignment should include:
A general introduction to the essay. Introduce the cultural group, including its geographic location. Introduce the topic you have chosen for the focus of the essay. Explain why you chose this cultural group and this topic.
A detailed discussion of the specific topic you have chosen. This is the body of your essay assignment. Support and document your findings with citations from your sources.
You should have a minimum of five points in your discussion of the topic, with at least one paragraph for each of these points. Each paragraph should have at least one citation as a source for the information you provide.
You should use a minimum of two anthropological concepts (be sure to define them according to your textbook, and cite your text), to help explain and analyze the topic you have chosen. These should be woven into the five main paragraphs.
The seven internal citations are spread throughout the essay, and are the way you show that you conducted research! There is one for each of the five main points, and one for each of the anthropological concepts.
A concluding paragraph summing up the findings of your research.
Bibliography or References List at the end of the essay.


Title of Unit
The 4 core elements of any religion are aspects which do profess the religious beliefs of a group of people. They include the creed, the rituals, sacred story, and the moral code. This paper will provide a discussion of the Maya Culture with regard to the above four elements, as well as other aspects such the geographic location of the Mayans as well as selected anthropological concepts concerning the discussion (Watson, 602).
Mayans are indigenous inhabitants of Mexico as well as Central America. They do live in the current areas like Campeche and Yucatan in Mexico as well as in the present day Guatemala and Honduras countries. The Mayan culture and civilization present one of the most exciting and rich pieces of histories to read about. It is proved to be so adventurous when learning the culture especially in regard to the 4 basic elements of religion/culture as this paper shall prove in the proceeding parts (Watson, 604).
To begin with, when talking about the rituals of the Mayans, they have got a number of rituals as a group of people. They have a belief in sacrifices of blood and the kings of the Mayans could undertake bloodletting rituals and rites in the various stages of life. Various political and religious events, as well as I important calendar ends of cycles, could be marked by bloodletting rituals. Blood from the ears and the tongues of the animals’ sacrificed was regarded as the most sacred type of blood for the rituals. It, therefore, meant that the Mayans could pierce through an ear or a tongue of an animal to obtain specifically (Watson, 605).
Piercing of the ears of the animals was believed to open the ears of the animals so that they could hear the revelations from the gods. Cutting the tongue, on the other hand, was believed that it could enable them to speak what they had heard (Andersson, 177).
Human sacrifice was also a common ritual amongst the Mayans. People could be tied at their arms and legs as the priest cut off the chest of a person to open it and remove the heart as a sacrifice. Rituals were meant to appease the gods so that some sort of blessings and order could be guaranteed from the gods (Andersson, 179).
In regard to the moral code, the Mayan culture advocated for acts of kindness such as love, courtesy respect to others among other aspects. The Mayans have got a belief in respect for one’s self in the sense that an individual has to respect him or herself in regard to what they are doing. For instance, the girls are expected to carry themselves with dignity and respect the men in the Mayan culture which equally applies to other categories of people in the Mayan culture (Barrett, 199).
Apart from self-respect, an individual is expected to respect others in the society and conditions such as peace and tranquility are general aspects of the society which are usually fostered amongst the Mayans. They do believe in love for each other, care for each other protection of the rest of the people against harm and the general cohesion and integration of the people in the society (Barrett, 199).
When talking about the circumstances where the people do wrong deeds, the Mayans have a belief that a mistake done by an individual to another through conditions such as omission and not being aware are lighter issues as compared to when one deliberately does a wrong thing to the others. In the latter circumstances, a person could be punished in the culture while in the former circumstance one could be forgiven whenever they have wronged (Lama & Rivera,243).
The third element is the belief in a supernatural being/ beings. The Mayans have a belief in the various gods and the goddesses to which they do pray so as to get various ...

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