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Buddhism Religion: Health, Illness, Spirituality (Research Paper Sample)


for this paper use Buddhism religion, you can do research on the on what they believe, stands, against, etc....
use one article which you use to write so I can print out and show to the instructor, it has to be similar. I am going to attach a file that how the instructor grade the paper so use the guideline. It explains more if you have any questions ask me. on the guideline use the first column.
hi i forgot to send you the main important guideline so an going to send you here please let me know you receive it.
Nurs 224: Nursing Quarterly Paper (NQP)
Your NPQ will present a focused aspect of a cultural group that has relevance to nursing. Some examples of aspects (topic areas) include beliefs and practices related to health, illness, spirituality, pregnancy-childbirth, death & dying. These are just a few examples!
If you have any questions about a topic for your NQP, please ask.
Your NQP should have 4 pages of text. IE: excluding title page and reference page. So you need to be selective about what you want to write about. Information in your NQP should be from professional resources, not “popular” magazines or websites for the general public.
We will discuss the NQP assignment in class. Here are guidelines:
1. Introduction: One paragraph. Helpful to start with an interesting piece of information or demographic data regarding the cultural group (+ be sure to cite any references used). Then introduce your NQP with an “introductory statement” -- tell the reader what aspects of the cultural group will be discussed in your NQP.

2. Body: Your NQP must include at least three reference sources. One source should be a journal article. Attach a copy of the article to the back of your NQP.
Writing should be in your own words ( = avoid unnecessary quotes); however acceptable to include 2-3 short significant quotes if you wish.

3. Conclusion: One paragraph. Identify two key points/ideas in your paper. Add your own thoughts regarding what you learned by writing the paper. (In the conclusion, you may use the word “I”). The conclusion should not contain any new information – that belongs in the body of your paper.
4. Use APA format This includes title page, page formatting, citing sources in your text and in the reference list. Divide your report into relevant sections, with section headings. NQP should be double spaced, with single-side page printing.
The HC library, Writing Center and online resource can assist you. + Visit the Canvas Nurs 224 Module: Resources for a link to an excellent website on APA formatting.
Use Buddhism religious something they in related to nursing.


Buddhism Religion
In order to provide high quality care and thus improve patient outcomes/ patient satisfaction and enhance compliance, health care providers should understand all factors affecting health decisions in their patients. Among the numerous factors affecting the nursing practice is that of religion. As a result of religious beliefs, patients will make different decisions. For instance while Christians will want the nurse to allow their spiritual leaders to pray for them and assure them that they are not being punished for their sins but rather tried to enhance their faith, Buddhists live ethically in order to achieve Nirvana, a state of life free of suffering. This essay will explain the influence of Buddhism religion in nursing in terms of health, illness, spirituality, pregnancy-childbirth, and death/ dying.
Buddhism religion is centered on Buddha. Buddha is not considered a god but instead an example of the way of life. It is therefore required that people withdraw from world and follow the ways of Buddha in order to learn how live more respectively and wiser lives. It is by living ethical lives that a person would reincarnate to a good creature. By believing in reincarnation, Buddhists accept responsibility of their actions. They operate with the doctrine of Karma in which good or evil ways are rewarded or punished respectively in one’s life or after reincarnation (Numrich, 2013).
When offering care to Buddhists, nurses should understand the beliefs that guide their ways of life. For instance, for Buddhists, life starts at conception and thus do not prohibit contraception. However, actions that will take lives such as active euthanasia or abortion are condemned. In addition, organ transplantation and blood transfusion are allowed since they help to save lives. Since Buddhists believe in rebirth following death, a person’s state of the mind before death is crucial as it determines the rebirth state. As a result, nurses should help patients from this religion to have a relaxed state of the mind before death. This is by allowing a person to their last wishes followed.
Patients should encourage cultivation of wholesome mindset via consideration of one’s spiritual virtues and contemplation of dharma. According to Rumun (2014), these activities are noted to have healing efficacy. It is also notable that patients should differentiate physical pain from mental pain so as to fasten healing. This way, when a person is sick in the body, it is easy to free his mind from the sickness. While a patient who is sick in the body will experience changes in the body, this does not mean that he should fall into lamentation, sorrow, distress, pain, or despair because of the change. When a patient understands the functioning of celestial Buddhas, he would have facilitated enlightenment that has implications in health, general wellbeing, and healing. Buddha is considered very important in times of illnesses as he helps in overcoming the negative impacts of Karma at death. To achieve this, nurses should allow enough time for patients to pray and if possible, be accompanied by other Buddhists in prayer. Even though nurses should inform patients of the importance of nursing care, they should also allow Buddhist monks since they are believed to carry out healing and protective properties (Harvey, 2006).

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