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Godzilla Literature & Language Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Write about Godzilla. You can focus on the original film from the 1950s or modern adaptations--or both, and draw comparisons and contrasts. Conduct further research on Japan during World War II and the versions of Godzilla that have been created since to expand on Peter H. Brothers' article. Answer: How has the meaning of Godzilla changed, and does that have a more positive or negative effect on the audiences who view the film? Why is it important to understand Godzilla as a meaningful film with a message and not just a mindless monster movie?
Make sure that your TITLE clearly tells the reader which option you chose to write about. Come up with a catchy title!
This essay must be approximately 1,700 words long (about 7 pages double spaced 12 font) and you must use (and cite) one of the articles from this unit as a reference for support, along with a minimum of five researched sources (totaling at least six sources). Among your researched sources you must include one book (eBook is fine!), one journal from an academic database and one credible web source (the remaining sources you use can be whatever format you would like).
Required Sources:
You must use one article from this unit for this essay. This article will be the seed that begins your research! Further explore the topic and use your own research to find more sources to support your ideas in this essay. You will be required to include at least five sources from your own research: one book, one article from an academic database and one credible web source. The other sources can be in any format you would like, as long as they are still academically credible. Your five researched sources plus the article from class will equal a minimum of six source (but more would equate to higher grades).
Required source: "Japan's Nuclear Nightmare: How the Bomb Became a Beast Called Godzilla + 5 other sources
Must rely on paraphrasing, do NOT use "direct quotes" since it's too easy to just copy and paste quotes within quotation marks and drop them into your papers.


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Godzilla and its Significance
The film Godzilla previously known as the Gojira, is more of a dinosaur that is running amuck. It is also about the emotional recovery of some people who are trying to restructure their cultures, cities, and their lives, which has been endangered by radioactive fallout. Godzilla is considered to be a phenomenon of pop culture that birthed an age of monster mashups and wild remakes in both America and Japan. Gojira was the initial film which was mainly inspired by "the beast from 20000 fathoms", a 1953 film which was an American film on a prehistoric dinosaur which came from an iceberg as a result of an atomic bomb that was created by the United States.

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