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Schools should not switch to year round schooling (Research Paper Sample)

I need a minimum of 3 line quotes and 1 block quote preferably from database sources. Just a simple persuasive research paper on why schools should not switch to year round schooling source..
Schools Should Not Switch To Year Round Schooling: Year Round Schooling refers to the scheduling of learning institutions so that the learners are compelled to take classes throughout the whole calendar year. In today’s educational environment, schools have only two options of selecting their calendar year. The traditional calendar is an option in which schools can have their students attending classes for a period of nine months and then the rest three months are allocated for the summer holidays. The Year round schooling on the other side, gives students an opportunity to attend classes for forty five days followed by a vacation of 15 days. Both of the above options are similar in that the students in both attend classes for a total of 180 days but the only difference is that the traditional calendar has a break of three months while the Year round schooling system as a break of 15 days. The year round schooling has been known to be very detrimental to the learning of students and therefore causes negative effects of schedule changes. Some people have even gone to court and filed lawsuits against some learning institutions so that they year round calendars are blocked or banned completely with allegations that this system of schooling is harmful to the students. People who advocate for the year round schooling claim that it will help the learners to achieve more quality education and give room for their teachers to dispense more effective education (Weaver, 2). Schools should not switch to the Year Round Schooling because students will always forget information whether it is for a period of three weeks or ten weeks. Therefore if the schools will switch to the Year Round Schooling, then teachers will be forced to perform four reviews at the beginning of the year instead of just one recommended review. The summer programs which are normally conducted during the normal schooling like the Youth Camps will suffer because they are normally conducted during the summer season because the students will be compelled to attend these classes instead of attending these important programs. This disruption of student summer activities may often cause problems to all the stakeholders (Mazzarella, 84). The Year round Schooling has been known to cause a lot of exhaustion and burn-out on the administrators. A lot of anecdotal comm...
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