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Social Media Marketing. Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


This should focus on an aspect of the internship which relates to a current topic in advertising and marketing. It could focus, for example, on social media marketing or digital advertising campaigns or be more theoretical in outlook and examine, for instance, the relationship between advertising theory and practice. Students can either take a case study approach – looking at one specific example or case – or take a more general approach which relates aspects of the internship/organization to the chosen topic. In line with a research paper, there should be research question or questions, empirical evidence and a discussion. A careful blending of theory/praxis is vital here.


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Social Media Marketing
There is no doubt that social media continues to revolutionize how people interact, become friends, and communicate. Social media has also managed to interfere with other aspects of life most notably business and people’s approach to things like advertising. Currently, companies all over the world have social media departments whose sole responsibility is to find ways the companies can exploit the opportunities made available through social media. Through social media, companies have also found simpler ways of communicating with their clients. Social media marketing has also gained traction in the last few years as companies are trying to find more efficient ways of reaching their clients and also increasing their sales. Chi (46) defines social media marketing as “a connection between brands and consumers, offering a personal channel and currency for user-centered networking and social interaction.” So, in using social media marketing, businesses are trying to make their companies be user-centered while also increasing instances of interaction between them and their clients. While trying to gain competitive advantage over one’s competitors, a business has to make use of available strategies and social media presents a viable option for growing one’s business. This paper, however, will not offer a holistic perspective of social media marketing. The paper will focus on the effectiveness of social media marketing, measuring this effectiveness, and the metrics to consider while trying to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing.

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