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The Impacts of Electronic Commerce on International Trade of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in China (Research Paper Sample)


This is an unqualified paper and you have to make changes. The full text is 10,000 words in total, but the place you need to modify is only five or six thousand words. I will put all the papers and papers I have written and the feedback and comments that the teacher gave me. Please write according to the requirements of the paper and feedback, it is best to keep my writing style. You can change the title of the paper if necessary. If you have any questions, please contact me in time.
The following is the teacher's opinion
I will need to give you opportunities to engage with journal papers which include theories and empirical papers. If you could find data, for example, on electronic trade and non-electronic trade for a number of countries and compare this over the last few years, it would be a first step. But to be sure, it would be even better if these data could be related to specific firms e.g. within the clothing retail sector. If you have data for firms that ado e-trade, mixed e-trade and street retail, or just street retail, you could use these to see if over the years the e-trade has helped these firms to increase their market share, or even expand the market (i.e. inducing people to buy more).
From a quick look, I would have liked the research question that you have to be clearer and (ideally) to arise from the literature. You need to also be more careful with the structure of your report: for example, the text between methodology and results is unclear to me in which section it belongs. I did not understand from the method if you are indeed applying a method or this is synthesis of evidence to create a case study. If so, ensure that the discussion of each case is supported by evidence and references and that there is a clear conclusion. In other words, we use case studies to learn something practical – this needs to be clearly communicated. Finally, the conclusions section seems a bit long to me and you should note that we never introduce new information in the conclusions.
hey, I'm Crystal, do you see the paper I wrote? Is this paper easy to modify?


The Impacts of Electronic Commerce on International Trade of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in China
Contents List
Executive Summary
Introduction to the study
The literature review
Research methodology
Result analysis
Conclusion and Recommendation
Executive Summary
In the process of transition to the information economy world, the traditional business has been unable to meet the trade environment under the current conditions because of its many drawbacks. As a direct result of the growing maturity of Internet technology, e-commerce is a new direction for future business development.
Electronic Commerce is a new business model with automatic data exchange and online transactions as the main content. E-commerce has different characteristics, such as openness, globality, regionality, low cost, and high efficiency. While meeting the inherent requirements of the commercial economy, it also transcends the value of being a new form of trade. E-Commerce not only changes the production, management, and management of the enterprise itself but also has an impact on the traditional trade methods. Increasing trade opportunities, reducing trade costs, and improving trade efficiency are the most obvious signs. While e-commerce is driving economic structural change, it has produced enormous and far-reaching effects on the entire modern economy. This paper introduced the meaning of e-commerce. Then, this paper elaborated and analyzed the application of e-commerce to increase revenue in the field of international trade and discussed the impact of e-commerce on international business in Small and Medium Enterprises in China.
1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
This section covered the background of the study, objectives of the study, significance of the study research, definition of international trade, and e-commerce.
1.2 Background of the Research
After entering the 21st century, the emergence and development of e-commerce has brightened our eyes. It affects the traditional behaviors and ways of thinking of the masses, and adds more vitality to the world. Under the background of global economic integration and stiff competition, e-commerce integrates computer technology, network technology and information technology into one, which will become the main mode of international trade in the 21st century and the engine of economic growth in the new century (Terzi, 2011).With the advent of the information age, there is no specific time and space barrier. Trade can also take place anywhere, anytime, and every country pays more and more attention to e-commerce. Studying and discussing the status of e-commerce and formulating corresponding e-commerce policies are urgent problems to be solved.
Van (2003) pointed that the development of trade must be based on production activities. The power of productivity and the richness of materials will make trade activities more prosperous. From small-scale trade to large-scale trade to national trade to international trade, this is the development of productivity and technology. Nowadays, international trade is already the top priority of commodity trade. Traditional trade methods have many inconveniences: Poor information exchange, low cargo transport capacity and poor resilience are the shortcomings of traditional trade. But with the development of electronic co...

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