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History Research Paper On Indian Ocean Slave Trade (Research Paper Sample)


This paper is my final paper for the entire course. It's focus is to form an argument on a specific topic in Africa dating back before 1880, so any sources that have information on this period are more valuable. If trouble arises with the topic, feel free to change it as long as the paper remains focused before 1880, just ensure an argument is being formed and it is focusing on African culture more than anything. When it comes to sources, please check that they are academic sources and they are credible. On a side note, plagiarism is a big fear of mine when using this cite, so is there any way to monitor similarities and keep them under 10%? The paper does require footnotes, but I'm sure that is understood with the formatting. Feel free to message me.


Slave Trade and its Impact/Effects in Africa Before 1800
Slave Trade and its Impact/Effects in Africa Before 1800
The systems of slavery and servitude have been in existence for a long time in the African continent. A majority of the African societies embraced the idea of slavery and actively participated in it way before slave trade began. While at times it is often made to seem like slavery started when the Arab or the Atlantic slave trade began, the fact is, the African continent was already used to the idea of subjugating their fellow men. Initially, before the slave systems changed, slavery in Africa was practiced in the form of military slavery, debt slavery, criminal slavery, as well as the enslavement of war captives. However, the slave systems changed and this happened mainly because of the influences of the Romans who represented the Christian views of the practice, the Islamic impact, and finally the Atlantic slave trade. In Africa, slavery was part of the society and was an important element of the economic structure. However, the many changes to the system led to some notable differences as years passed but the foundation of the system remained the same. The Christian and the Islamic views of slavery had significant effects on the slave trade in Africa, but it is the Atlantic slave trade that had a major impact. Initially, slaves were seen as the means of increasing one's status in the community, but the onset of the Atlantic slave trade changed everything. Instead of keeping slaves for themselves, Africans of higher status, as well as kings and other leaders, decided to start bartering their servants in exchange for other products such as sugar, cowrie shells, firearms, and alcohol. Gradually, however, the demand for slaves outgrew the supply, and the pioneers of Atlantic slave trade had to find newer and sleeker ways of acquiring slaves. Slave trade was a scourge but back then it was seen as the easiest way of getting cheap labor, getting back what someone was owed as well as elevating one's status in society. The Africans, Europeans, and the Arabs had not considered the long-term effects of their actions. However, it is evident that the world is still in the process of healing but the effects of slavery are indeed pronounced.[Manning, Patrick. 1990. Slavery and African Life: Occidental, Oriental, and African Slave Trades. London: Cambridge.]
How slaves were captured/acquired
As the demand for slaves increased, the Europeans (pioneers of Atlant

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