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Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence (Research Paper Sample)


DUE DATE: BY 4 PM ON THURSDAY AUGUTST 15, 2019. Any submission after that time will not be
The purpose of this assignment is to examine Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various aspects of
1. Read and examine the following links:
Introduction to AI/Summary and listing of where AI is currently being used –
Ethical Issues of AI –
Video – How AI and Automation will affect jobs in the future- “Humans Need Not Apply” –
Introduction to AI and description of how some larger companies are using it –
Analytics/Software Company SAS perspective –
Benefits, Risks and Myths of AI –
Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence –
2. Using the links above, along with additional research articles, answer the following questions:
I. What is the overall purpose or goal of AI? Why was it created/introduced into society?
II. Overall, what impact will AI have on humanity? Is AI harmful or beneficial for humans? Provide 2
– 3 positives and negatives about AI.
III. How will the use of AI impact the economy and the job market? What jobs do you think would
not be taken over by AI Robots? Why?
IV. What are the cultural and environmental implications of using AI?
V. What are the ethical implications of using AI?
VI. What are the engineers ethical and professional responsibilities in the design/creation of
artificial intelligence systems?
PLEASE NOTE: All answers must be in essay format and all questions must be answered. Assignment
write-ups should be five (5) pages, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Use headings as appropriate
to guide the reader. Also, please make sure that all your work is cited using APA format.


Artificial Intelligence
Due Date
Artificial Intelligence
Mankind continues to outdo himself with each passing day. Inventions and creations that are beyond imagination are flooding the markets and the world keeps changing. Artificial intelligence is not new but the rate at which it is changing the world is worth mentioning. Narayanan (2019) defines it as “the simulation of Human Intelligence by machines.” Mankind has been trying to replicate himself and currently, engineers are working hard to make sure machines and most specifically computer systems are able to replicate what mankind can do. Currently, there are some jobs that have already been replaced by AI. For example, railway station ticket sellers, factory workers, bridge toll collectors, and bowling alley pinsetters are but a few examples of workers who have already seen their jobs replaced. In the past, railway stations needed to be manned by people who sold tickets and confirmed their authenticity. However, today, ticket sellers are done automatically. One can buy a ticket online and have it verified on the day one is travelling. The position of ticket sellers has already been eliminated and many other jobs will encounter the same fate in a few years. AI is changing the world and even though there are some ethical issues and other problems associated with AI, the pros appear to be overwhelmingly strong.
People are scared of the unknown in the world of artificial intelligence. There are many stories going around about AI and how it will change or impact the world. Some people are afraid of a world where machines could eventually be developed to a point where they can replicate what mankind can do. Others see the world described above as a possibility and relish the idea of having machines with the same thought-process as that of human beings. Regardless of where one belongs to, the development of AI continues and in the end, it will change and influence the world.
Like other machines and developments in the world today, AI’s sole purpose or goal is to help augment mankind’s capabilities and to improve the lives of people around the world. A good example of how AI can help improve the lives of people around the world is to help fight world hunger. In 2009, the Food and Agriculture Organization reported that the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050. With such numbers, it will be problematic to feed the entire world and hunger will be a major problem. In his article, Ishir (2018) talks about smart farming noting that AI can indeed be used to help feed the world’s increasing population. He mentions precision farming and how it “makes use of real-time historical data in combination with machine learning algorithms for specific actions.” Wastage and damage of crops could be reduced through the introduction of precision farming. Aside from improving life in general through its many applications, AI augments mankind’s skills and abilities. Narayanan (2019) offers a simple explanation of how machines can enhance mankind’s abilities. He says that machines have no “emotions or disturbance, can perform a heavy load of work in faster time and are less prone to errors if programmed accurately.” These are but some of the ways that human beings are limited and thus machines with AI capabilities will indeed be a great addition.
As indicated before, there are people who believe AI is evil and there are those who believe AI will help to change the world. Each of these two groups has enough information to support their claims. However, one fact that ties everything up is that AI will indeed change the world and everything that happens in the world. It is important ...

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