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Module 3 SLP: Information Security System Implementation (Research Paper Sample)


Module 3 - SLP
Conduct an internet research on the job description of IT project manager (or even better, IT security project manager), write a 3-5 page report on your findings on the common characteristics of these job descriptions share. You are required:
to collect information from more than 5 job sites on more than 10 IT-related manager jobs;
to clearly discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of these jobs;
to discuss whether you would be interested in this kind of job; Why or why not? If this is the kind of career you would like to pursue, do you consider yourself qualified? Why? If not, what kind of IT career would you be interested in? Why?
SLP Assignment Expectations
Your paper should provide a summary of your findings from the assigned materials and any good quality resources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper. The following items will be assessed in particular:
Ability to consolidate ideas from reading materials.
Demonstration of your understanding of how to create an information security management process.
The ability to express your ideas clearly.


Information Security Systems Implementation
Information technology implementation in an organization revolves around these two professionals: the information technology project manager and the s security project manager. An IT project manager is personnel responsible for an organization's goals and pursuits in information technology. They handle duties of responsibility delegations, execution and the planning of information technology programs in an organization (Margaret, 2016)
According to National Careers Service, an IT security project manager is a professional for the safety of the information systems of an organization. Their duties include; identifying possibilities of breaches in security and either strengthening or doing repairs on the information system. The systems here are those that organizations use in the management of their information technology or information.
The two professions are correlated. However, their dissimilarities outweigh any possible similarity between them. The expertise in both jobs is working with computer networks associated with such entities as banks, the industry of defense, the government among others. These are networks that have an association with laptops, cloud computing, the pay card industry and the mobile telephone and application technologies.
The major differences come in the responsibilities the two professional undertake. The IT project manager has duties in identifying the clients' needs, stages of project planning and the assessment of the business' implications. They have the obligation in the coordination of the team working on the project. They also ensure that the project progress well and meets the required standards regarding quality, cost, and timescale. In the case of any circumstances, though unforeseen, the IT project manager should readjust the plan to meet the requirements of the events. Ensuring that the transformation from the old systems to the modern IT systems is smoothly is part and parcel of their duties. Lastly, they have a duty to update the managers on the progress and evaluate and sign up the completed jobs in the project.
The IT security project manager, on the other hand, has...
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