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Module 3 Case Information Security System Implementation (Research Paper Sample)


Module 3 - Case
Case Assignment
Based on the reading materials in the background section and your own research, prepare a 4-7 page report to address the following questions:
Why is information security more than technology?
How to design and implement a successful information security system.
Assignment Expectations
Your paper should provide a summary of your findings from the assigned materials and any good quality resources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper. The following items will be assessed in particular:
Ability to consolidate ideas from reading materials.
Demonstration of your understanding of how to create an information security management process.
The ability to express your ideas clearly.


A Report on Information Security
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Information security is a technique adopted by organizations to secure their data from unauthorized access. Information security has been considered to be more superior to technology due to its value in the organizations, in other words, technology has been classified as a subset of information security. In designing and implementing an effective information security system, a six-step procedure has to be followed. Step one involves carrying out a risk assessment, in step two, approaches to identify risks adopted. Step three entails implementing specialized controls, the next step is to communicate the commands to all staff &the employees, and the last step is ensuring information security monitoring.
Information security is a technique to anticipate, distinguish, report, and counter dangers to advanced and non-computerized data. The procedure can utilize both physical and advanced security to secure data from unauthorized access. Data security management aims at ensuring confidentiality of the organization’s information. Information security systems are vital for keeping up the privacy, respectability, and accessibility of information technology frameworks and business information.
Information security is superior to technology. Technology is a subset of information security. This is because information security is wider compared to technology. The realization of the need for information security is gradually spreading widely in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Clients are emphasizing more on information security as opposed to technology since one is an automatic contributor to the other. Business accomplices, providers, and merchants are requiring information security from each other, especially when giving standard system and data access.
Nowadays there are more sophisticated ways through which cybercriminals are accessing information online. Security issues and information divulgence progressively emerge from criminal conduct as indicated by the IT governance institute executives will progressively be relied upon to make information security an essential piece of administration (Lee A lot of emphasis has been put on information security than in technology due to the adverse effects that information security failure might have to the organization.
Information security requires CEO consideration in their individual organizations and as business pioneers looking for on the whole to advance the improvement of norms for secure innovation as opposed to technology. Top management ought to consider data security a fundamental component of corporate administration and a high need for board audit.
As further proof of this developing pattern, there is increased awareness and training on the value of information security, a testament that information security is no longer an innovation-centered issue. It has turned into a major player towards organizations’ survival as much as any other matter. It is indeed tes...
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