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Nonrenewable Energy. Efficacy of Oil Resources as a Future Source of Energy (Research Paper Sample)


1. Since ENV 100-11D is a writing-intensive course, an important component of the course is a five-page, double-spaced “research paper.” Students will be choose one of the forms of energy discussed in the “Nonrenewable Energy” and “Renewable Energy” chapters in a “Changing Planet” and write a research paper focused on the efficacy of using that form of energy as a future energy source.
2. Information from “A Changing Planet” may be used for background information on the student’s chosen form of energy, but students are expected to use at least four additional, scholarly resources as sources for their research paper. By scholarly resource, I mean journal articles and textbooks that have been peer reviewed (i.e., reviewed by other scholars for accuracy). Peer reviewed textbooks and journal articles typically have a list of references at their end. Articles in popular magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.), Wikipedia, videos, newspapers, websites, etc. are not considered scholarly resources.


Efficacy of Oil Resources as a Future Source of Energy
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Efficacy of Oil Resources as a Future Source of Energy
Non-renewable energy resources refer to energy resources that cannot be regenerated once depleted since their formation takes up to billions of years. Fossil fuels are the major form of non-renewable energy in the world. For centuries, fossil fuels have powered the global economy. Coal, oil, and natural gas are the major forms of fossil fuels. They are mainly made up of hydrocarbons. Their use has been on the rise with more coal plants being commissioned and hundreds of permits for gas and oil exploration being given in different parts of the world. Fossil fuels were formed millions of years ago. During that period, the earth was covered by thick vegetation, swamps, and seas. When these plants died, their tissues which were rich in carbon dioxide were sedimented in areas with low oxygen concentration, which prevented their breakdown. Exposed to large amounts of heat and pressure over time, these tissues underwent chemical transformation, becoming coal, oil, or natural gas. These fossil fuels are found in different parts of the world today. The deposits are found deep underground and require advanced technology to explore and drill. 

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