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Department of Homeland Security : How It Relates To Terrorism (Research Paper Sample)



This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion.
References and citations are to be in APA format 6th edition when used in the paper.
Paper is to be 5 pages in length of text material. Cover pages, abstracts, and references pages are to be completed with this research paper, but do not count towards the 5 page minimum requirement.
Proper grammar and spelling are required.
Double spacing will be utilized.
Use 4 resources and no www sites can be utilized unless properly constructed as outlined in the APA 6th edition manual.
No or other type materials will be accepted as a reference. (Please use scholarly journals or materials of this type and books).
Do not use any cases or any case related material about famous celebrities.
Do not cut and paste materials. This is your research use your own language.
Cut and paste if noted in a paper will result in a zero being given. Students will different styles of font being utilized may be deemed as a cut and paste paper and could be graded with a zero. Please pay attention to your work and how it is submitted. Proofread all of your work before submission.
The paper must be written in 3rd person.
Papers will be graded on logic, flow, meaning and relevance to a subject as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
No biography will be accepted. A life history on a person is not a research component and will not be accepted if a person is given out as a topic. Information must include the person’s contribution to criminal justice and how it has impacted criminal justice.
Personal interviews as a resource will not be accepted. All resource work must come from a peer reviewed journal, magazine, or other proper APA accepted site.
50% of the grading system comes from proper APA format, citations, references, and other guidelines for proper research writing. Not following APA guidelines will result in a poor grade.


Department of Homeland Security : How It Relates To Terrorism
Terrorism is one of the long-standing challenges in America, terrorism continues to evolve, therefore, the fight against terrorism needs to evolve. Terrorism and other forms of the violent uprising have been at the forefront of the US security policy. The governments’ effort to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, especially after the September 9/11 has seen the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The department has the mandate to ensure the safety and security of the nation as a whole. The Department of Homeland Security’s main objective is to deal with terrorism and other issues related to terrorism and security including, border security and customs management.
The ability to prevent future terrorist activities within the US and minimize the damage caused by terrorist events and the ability to recover from terrorist attacks requires concerted efforts. This research analyses the role of the Department of Homeland Security in fighting terrorism. The research highlights some of the achievements of the department in fighting terrorism and how the department can handle future terrorist threats in America through partnerships.

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