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Capital Punishment (Research Paper Sample)


APA style paper double spaced, cited with reference page Pro-Capital Punishment/Death Penalty


Capital punishment
Capital punishment
The word capitalis is a Latin word meaning head, therefore capital punishment refers to execution by beheading (BBC, n.d). It is a death punishment normally carried out after a legal trial and conviction for the crimes as charged. Crimes that result to capital punishment are known as capital crimes or capital offences. In many countries, offenders who are sentences through capital punishment are the ones who have committed serious offence such as murder, robbery with violence treason, adultery, rape and types of fraud (Fagan, n.d). Capital punishment sentence has generated a lot of controversy in various countries and states due to its obstruction of right to life (BBC, n.d). This paper argues in the support of capital punishments as a deterrent approach to preventing serious offences and offering justice to the victims.
Capital punishment discourages future offences as well as saving other lives
Capital punishment saves life by discouraging murders of innocent victims (Fagan, n.d). This is because people who would have intention to committed murder become aware that they would be killed too. This encourages obedience and fear for the law and aims at making the people obey the laws set contravention of which would lead to capital punishment (Fagan, n.d). Additionally, for a serial killer, capital punishment eradicates the offender from the population hence saving the life of the would-be victims in the future. According to Fagan (n.d), each execution in 1950s and 1960 saved almost eight innocent lives.
Capital punishment has also been used to keep the criminals away (Fagan, n.d). Many people would not like to die, so they do not commit crimes like treason, murder, rape and kidnapping, due to fear of being killed for their actions (Fagan, n.d). If there was no capital punishment, there would be so many criminals who are doing these evils everywhere without fearing. It is therefore helping the community to live in peace after the criminals have been kept away. When criminals have been kept away from the environment, people can do their daily routine without fear of...
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