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Argumentative Essay: Penalty of Death (Essay Sample)


argumentative essay . in their texts, Mencken" the penalty of death" and Quindlen " execution" share their opposing views on the morality of the death penalty. in an essay of two pages, make your own argument for or against capital punishment, with the goal of convincing your readers of your opinion. you should reference quotes from Mencken's and Quindlen's essays to support your argument, but the main idia should be yours.


Argumentative Essay: Penalty of Death
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Argumentative Essay: Penalty of Death
The term capital punishment could be elucidated as a death consequence of committing a major crime in the society. It is notable that death as a punishment for major crimes can be traced back to the eighteenth century B.C. in Babylon. As a result, the punishment was copied by other societies as a solution to preventing societal members from committing serious crimes. For instance, America experienced the first capital punishment after explorers from Europe introduced the system to the country. However, advocates for right to life started fighting the punishment because of their opinion about the issue. It is critical that even though Quindlen believes that capital punishment is unethical, evidence from Mencken’s publication proves otherwise.
It is critical that Mencken is a firm believer in capital punishment because of the publication titled “The Penalty of Death.” As Mencken argues, capital punishment is beneficial because it is the best solution for immoral killing. Further Mencken disapproves opponents of the death penalty who argue that a hangman has the worst job in the society. As evidence, Mencken argues that there are other jobs, which are more dreadful that no one talks of abolishing. For example, Mencken cites jobs such as a garbage man and a plumber. Additionally, the author also states that there is no evidence of hangmen complaining about their job. On the contrary, there is evidence about them liking t...
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