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Comparing and contrasting, Christianity vs. Buddhism (Research Paper Sample)

Research Paper Christianity vs. Buddhism The Research Paper requires you to write a 10-page, double spaced research paper, comparing and contrasting your own worldview with one of the major religions covered in this course. In other words, you must choose a major religion other than your own and compare and contrast this other religion with your own worldview. How is the religion you have chosen similar to and different from your own views on Truth, Reality, Living, and the After-Life? -Sophisticated/exceptional use of examples. -Original and \"fluid\" organization; all sentences and paragraphs contribute; sophisticated transitions between paragraphs. -Integration of quotations and citations is sophisticated and highlights the author\'s argument. -Confidence in use of standard English; language reflects a practiced and/or refined understanding of syntax and usage. -Sentences vary in structure; very few if any mechanical errors. Plagiarism: Do not Plagiarize. No three consecutive words should be copied from any source unless it is in quotes. You will not receive credit for your paper and it will be returned to you to be re-written if it is plagiarized. source..

Comparing and contrasting, Christianity vs. Buddhism
Freedom of worship is a fundamental thing to every human being. This on the other had has resulted in deferent forms of "gods` that certain religions believe in and put their trust in them. Though there are many religions in today`s universe, the most known religion and those that has impact in the societies are Christian and Buddhism religions. These religions have made their followers believe in them, and they try to get others to be followers of their own religion. This paper seeks to look at the comparison and contrast between Christianity and Buddhism as well look at their truth, reality, living and after-life.
While examining the vital differences of Christianity and Buddhism, it is fundamental to say that the popular appeal of Buddhism today is one of the poise tolerance and non-dissention. Buddhism is taken as a belief system that many feels can aid them isolate, maintain neutrality and find peace in the world of injustice and anguish. There are those who believe that Buddhist teachings and Christianity are companionable and that one can be a Christian and at the same time adopt the teachings of Buddha (Jones, 2004).
The fact is that, though one can find numerous truths in Buddhist teachings, Buddhism and Christianity are not compatible in many ways. Upon assessment of vital Christians and Buddhist beliefs, it clearly shows that there is an obvious contrast between Christianity and the teachings of Buddha. Though some Buddhism claims that "we believe in the same things; there are many paths to God;many crucial Buddhist teachings are entirely opposed to the of the Christians (Biblical)
In order for one to come up with a better argument on the two religions, it is imperative to look at the different believes by the key religions. Though some believe that one can be one can be a Christian and at the same time practice Buddha teachings, let`s look at the d...
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