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Amazon: Online International Electronic Commerce Company (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper should be completed around information on a company of your choice(Amazon****). The research on the company must:
Include a brief summary of the organization.
Explain how the processes of transportation economics play a major role in transportation decisions of the organization.
Describe how the supply chain of this company contributions to customer service levels.
Describe inventory control practice and uses of technology within the organization (ERP).
Explain how a transportation economics strategy can effectively position the organization to maximize shareholder value.
Include recommendations for benchmarking for companies in this industry.
Use the text book and scholarly articles to extend the materials for this research. Use this paper to discuss the topics as they relate to the organization of your choice, to extend the information on the topic, to expand on the topic by giving real-world examples. Papers should be in APA format and be 1000 - 1600 words in length, offer a clear abstract (not included in word count), identify your goals, substantiate your content and clearly summarize the findings. Please use 5-7 sources for this research.


Amazon Analysis
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Amazon Analysis
Amazon is an online international electronic commerce company. The company is based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon's major deals include cloud computing and different electronic commerce. The company was founded on July 5th, 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The Amazon Company is the leading online retailer worldwide in relation to all sales and market capitalization. Initially, Amazon started its operations as a bookstore only company. Later, the company diversified its deals to selling Blu-rays, video downloads and streaming, DVDs and CDs. Amazon company is the leading in the world in cloud infrastructure services provision. Amazon Company has different retail websites for various countries. For example, the websites of The US, Spain, China, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany France, Brazil, Australia, and India varies. The company also include the various links of supply chains of customer orders to their eventual delivery. However, the company faces stiff competition from eBay and Walmart Thus, through proper transportation decisions, comprehensive supply chain management, and technology oriented inventory control the company has acquired a competitive advantage to edge its competitors in the market.
In Amazon

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