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Research Three Changes Humans Have Made To The Earth (Research Paper Sample)


Article title requirements: What are some changes humans have made to the planet Earth in the last 100 years? How have those changes affect the planet? With APA format, attachments mini research paper to expand to the body of about 1200 words. Annex two source TW4source need to go into the article, you still need two materials, the data needs to be time 2008-2018. introduction need to write a page.


Three Changes Humans Have Made to the Earth
Three Changes Humans Have Made to the Earth
If the rocks could talk, they could have a lot to say about the earth and the many changes which have occurred. Over the years, heaps and heaps of layers continue to pile on each other each with a different story about the earth and the people who were living at the time. According to Stevens (2014), the “layers of rock record the events that have shaped our planet for much of its history.” He continues to say that “rock also records the evolution of the plants, animals and other organisms that lived nearby.” Whatever that remains of these organisms mainly represents or holds “clues to what the climate had been like” (Stevens, 2014). However, rock is not a reliable source of the earth's history because as archaeologists and anthropologists often come to discover, its pages or layers are tattered and therefore, only hold part of the earth's history. Every organism that has ever existed on earth has shaped it differently, and the earth has evolved accordingly. However, as many researchers will and have agreed, man or human beings are the most unpredictable organisms as well as the ones who have had the most impact on the earth.
Anthropocene or the age of man as described by Kolbert (2011) represents the time or era when man has taken the lead in exacting impact on the earth. According to Kolbert, man's “mark will endure in the geologic record long after our cities have crumbled.” With the advent of new technologies coupled with man's innovativeness and cleverness, nothing seems impossible or out of reach. However, this does not come without its costs and the climatic changes experienced are but one way in which the earth has provided feedback on man's encroaching activities.
What are some changes humans have made to the planet Earth in the last 100 years?
In the past 100 years, human beings have made numerous changes to the earth. Below are some of the ways man has changed his surrounding:
* More buildings as well as an increase in the urban areas. Currently, many people live in towns unlike at the beginning of the 20th century. Additionally, more urban areas have sprung up which has also attracted a great number of people to towns.
* Farming has improved thanks to the new innovative and creative ideas. Initially, a majority of farmers used crude means to farm. However, currently, people are using the latest machinery as well as tons of fertilizer every year which is also having an impact on the earth.
* Change in the atmosphere has also been one of the changes effected by man in the last 100 years. Over the years, man's activities have led to enormous changes to the composition of the atmosphere.
* Man has also managed to drain rivers and to re-direct others. In his quest to test his limits and to showcase his might and innovativeness, man has also managed to change the course of rivers and to decrease or completely eroding some natural lakes and rivers. According to Green (2010), “the Aral Sea, located on the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border, was once the fourth largest lake, but has now shrunk by 75 percent.” He continues to say that “the Aral Sea was once fed by two major rivers which now, due to human activity, run dry before they reach the lake.” The above is but one example of what man has been able to achieve in just 100 years. There are others, for example, the destruction of reef which has greatly affected the marine ecosystem.
How have those changes affect the planet?

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