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Cummunity Correction Aboriginal Justice Strategy Programs (Research Paper Sample)


Your research question must relate directly to how community corrections addresses a social problem. The best questions are specific and related to something you are genuinely interested in learning more about. It is important you phrase your paper topic in the form of a research question to be answered by the academic literature and program you choose. For example, “How, if at all, does probation (community corrections) address the risk and needs of victims and offenders of domestic violence (social problem)?” or “Does diversion (community corrections) to restorative justice reduce re-offending for youth who commit violent offenses (social problem)?”
The first half will outline a social problem. The second part will describe and critically evaluate a community corrections program that attempts to address the social problem described in part one. Your paper will include a clear thesis statement and demonstrate your knowledge of the scope of the social problem and a concrete community corrections policy or program that seeks to address this problem. The best papers are those that include evidence of engagement directly in the field through an interview or site visit.
Part 1 of your paper should clearly define the social problem in the Canadian context and discuss the prevalence, impact, and history of it.
Part 2 will document the history and current status of the policy/program, what it does, who it serves, how it is evaluated (or should be), and highlight related research and benefits and challenges/risks.
The grading rubric for your research paper is as follows:
Ability to engage with and critically analyze the social problem – thinks deeply about the issues, presents multiple perspectives – 5/20
Application of knowledge of community corrections– demonstrates understanding of the issue/program and evaluates related academic sources –5/10
Connects social problem and community corrections program 5/10
Writing – communicates ideas clearly (Spelling, organization, language use, clarity, flow, referencing, grammar, APA format): 5/10


How do Aboriginal Justice Strategy Programs such as Healing Lodges address the Social Problem of Over-representation of Young Aboriginal Offenders in Canada’s Criminal Justice System?
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Over-incarceration of Aboriginal offenders in correctional institutions in the justice system is a chronic problem in Canada. It is undoubted that the Aboriginals are so vastly over-represented in the country’s correctional system that the existing policies are failing them. Government figures, which are usually intentionally made to be low, indicate that about 10 percent of the Federal prison population is Aboriginal offenders. About 13 percent of female prisoners are Aboriginal women. This is surprising statistics because the Aboriginal population in Canada is about 4 percent of the overall population of the country. This research paper seeks to determine whether or not Aboriginal Justice Strategy Programs address the social problem in the Canadian criminal justice system. The identified social problem is the over-representation of Aboriginals in the Canadian prison system. Focusing on this social problem, this paper will look into how one specific community corrections program has been used to help address the identified social problem. The specific program is Aboriginal Healing Lodges.
Research Question
How do Aboriginal Justice Strategy Programs such as Healing Lodges address the Social Problem of Over-representation of Young Aboriginal Offenders in Canada’s Criminal Justice System?
In 2006 the estimates indicated that the rates of incarceration were 1,024 per 100,000 Aboriginal people compared to 117 per 100,000 non-Aboriginal persons (Correctional Service Canada, 2014). Aboriginal persons are denied parole in large numbers compared to non-Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people are over-classified for high security classification resulting in them being denied required rehabilitation programs and parole. Investigations of the correctional system by Howard Sapers found out that there exists a systemic discrimination against Aboriginal offenders in parole and security classifications. Aboriginals have a special kind of considerations in the justice system. Defense counsels get multiple challenges when they are not from Aboriginal communities. The counselors may misidentify, misinterpret or basically miss the significance of cultural commonalities. The situation can seriously affect quality of legal representations afforded to the Aboriginal offenders.
There are a number of programs that are targeted at Aboriginal people that offer alternatives to access justice. Improvements in access to justice programs have been realized because the mandates of the Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) were enhanced and expanded. There is greater access to and participation in the justice programs. Funding of such programs has not been adequate making it difficult to launch new programs and to maintain effectiveness of available programs. The AJS is a major part of the response to the fact that a large number of Aboriginal persons find the law conflicting with them. The problem has been documented by the Correctional Investigator who found out that the number of Aboriginal people in correctional institutions is almost 10 times higher than the rate for non-Aboriginal people. Statistics show that Aboriginals account for 18% of the Federal prison population, though they are just 3% of the population of Canada (Correctional Service Canada, 2014). This is estimated at 1,024 Aboriginal persons per 100,000 adults giving incarceration rate for non-Aboriginal people as 117 persons per 100,000 adults.
A number of past studies have documented the relationships between Aboriginal people and the justice system. According to Royal Commission on Abo...

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