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Reading Response: Self-Selection Patterns In Migration (Research Paper Sample)


For your article, you need to submit a brief summary, in which you explain.
the basic question being examined
the specific question being examined
the basic findings (think in terms of sign, size and significance when relevant)
how the findings in the article fit in with the other readings in the course. (Which readings, if any, does the article support? Which does it challenge? How is your understanding of other articles or the material in the textbook complicated by what you've learned from this article?)
which of the theories Massey identified seem(s) most relevant to an understanding of the article and/or which of the theories the author(s) seem to have adopted (or decided to test)


Self-Selection Patterns in Migration

NameInstitutional AffiliationDate
There are different factors that influence the migration patterns of individuals. The human capital theory explains that migration is an investment in which the productivity of the human characteristics are made to increase since two individuals will meet on alternative destinations and gain differently from each other in terms of the costs and other important human aspects. There are different factors that can motivate someone to move from one place to the other. An individual may decide to migrate if they have higher abilities or they are well-skilled and this can contribute to a relative distinction between the earnings or costs and it may increase the tendency of migration. The authors of the research paper illustrate how migration networks influence self-selection patterns of migration by examining different migration patterns of countries. In addition, the authors examine how the level of education as one of the self-selection factors has an effect on the migration patterns that are adopted by a given country. When the migrants have a high level of education, then it means that they will make a skilled population as compared when they have lower or no education at all.
By the use of the population data from the United States, the authors identify that there are individual characteristics that contribute to self-selection in migration. David and Hillel discuss that the individuals who have speci

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