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Stand Your Ground (Research Paper Sample)


This is a debate on pros for is stand your grounds ethics. remember the case in Florida about the Martin case and there can be the laws in Ohio about stand your grounds. I do not want anything that is against remember this paper is all for stand your grounds. I guess that means gun control in the paper this is all for the case. I can be reach at 216-386-2589 or 216-906-7484. Thank You Doris


Stand Your Ground
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Stand your Ground Law
“Stand your ground” law has created intriguing debate in the United States. The law provides additional rights to the victim of violent attacks to defend him/herself from the attacker(s). On November last year, the Ohio House of Representatives approved the legislation that made sweeping changes in the state’s concealed-weapons law. The gun law is important for citizens in Ohio for the following reasons.
Although State Rep.  HYPERLINK "/john-barnes-jr" John Barnes Jr. suggested that the gun law might lead to devastating impact on densely urban area, the law only provides rights to the victim(s) of violent actions to use deadly weapons in the events of violence. Individuals will only uses weapons only when faced with danger. The gun law only permits a person to utilize deadly weapons in the appropriate manners as outlined by the law. If used in the right manner, the gun law could be ethical since it enhances self-defense.
State Rep. Terry Johnson posits that “stand your ground” law is very imperative in the United States since it contain a number of changes that are designed to shore up Second Amendment Rights and cut red tape.
State Rep. Matt Lynch, a Bainbridge Township Republican, argued that this law tends toughens rules for concealed handgun permits and will expand recognition of Ohio’s-carry permits among other states.
Contrary to State Rep.  HYPERLINK "/john-barnes-jr" Alicia Reece argument that the gun law is “kill at will” right to innocent people, the chief objective of the enactment of this law was to enhance individual security in the absence of law enforcers. Just like in the Florida stands on your ground law, this law will help tho...
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