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Policy Analysis Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


For this week, click on the link provided below and choose one bill of interest to you. Answer the following prompts; this does not need to be in APA format. (YOU CAN PICK WHATEVER BILL YOU LIKE)


What is the bill title? What state(s) does it represent? When will it go into effect?
What problem is this bill attempting to resolve?
How will this improve or hurt healthcare and the social determinants of health?
What types of special interest groups would promote this legislation? Who would oppose?
Does the bill have a fiscal impact (will it cost money)? If so, who will pay? What is your rationale for why or why not this is reasonable?
What would be the impact on communities if this bill passed? If it died?
Who will enforce this legislation?


Policy analysis
Institutional Affiliation
What is the bill title? Moreover, what state (s) does it represent?
The bill title is “SF 471-Prohibits Abortion after 20 Weeks of Pregnancy.” The bill represents the state of Iowa (Vote Smart, 2017).
When will go into effect?
According to Vote Smart, the bill became law on May 5, 2017 (Vote Smart, 2017).
What problem is this bill attempting to resolve?
The bill attempts to resolve the problem of abortions in the state of Iowa by reducing their occurrences particularly after five months (Vote Smart, 2017). According to Vote Smart, the bill seeks to achieve this in several ways. One, by barring the intentional attempt to procure an abortion from the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy despite it causing or not causing the death of the fetus. Two, defining an abortion after five months as feticide during an attempted abortion as attempted feticide. Three, the bill classifies feticide as a class C felony and attempting to terminate a pregnancy as a class D felony (Vote Smart, 2017). Four, the law permits the procurement of abortion after twenty weeks when the life of the mother is at high risk of physical and irreparable harm. Finally, the bill enumerates that in the best clinical judgment abortion after 20 weeks can occur if it tests show that the fetus suffers anomalies that would make it impossible for them to survive (Vote Smart, 2017).

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