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Gallery Review Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


please write a two page review of the exhibit "Rufen Afanador..EXHIBITION: ÁNGEL GITANO: THE MEN OF FLAMENCO" it is a current photo exhibit at the explain the exhibit, how it was curated, images, how they were shown, the exhibit space


Gallery Review
Date of submission:
Lovers of art could not have failed or purposed to follow the Los Angeles exhibition of 7 May 2015 (Fahey/Klein Gallery, 2015). The exhibition featured an image called the Ruven Afanador by Angel Gitano. Critical to the discussion is the fact that the exhibition and image is all about the men of Flamenco. It is vital to highlight that people who are passionate about art are quick to identify works on the men of Flamenco. This owes to the reality that works on the men of Flamenco are renowned for characteristics such as dancers with cascading skirts and ensembles of female performers. In fact, Angel Gitano uses the opportunity to celebrate the male gypsy flamenco and the Spanish folklore. It is notable that the exhibition in question had many photographs by Angel Gitano, but this paper will only focus on the Ruven Afanador. It follows that this paper reviews the exhibit Ruven Afanador and argues that the photographer used lighting, size, symmetry, and few objects to elicit emotions among its viewers.
Below is the Ruven Afanador that depicts the ingenuity of Angel Gitano. Apparently, the image demonstrates Afanador’s focus on the powerful spirit that intensifies flamenco with intense emotion. This owes to the reality that the postures and background of the image create an emotional attachment between the image and the viewer. The emotional touch of the image is further aggravated by clarity of the image. It is because such clarity dares viewers of the image to touch the picture thinking they would touch actual dancers. Critical to the discussion is the fact that postures of dancer in the image demonstrates clear movement. As evidence, the man on the right of the art appears to have jumped from further right to prevent the man on the table from falling. Analogously, the man on the right appears to have jumped on the table from the left knowing his fellow dancer would support him.
Evidently, the image under discussion elicits emotions from its viewers. However, the uniqueness of the image is not limited to its ability of making viewers emotional. It is because the additional aspects such as lighting, the number of objects, symmetry, and size add value to the picture. First, the large size of the picture enabled the photographer to communicate to his viewers clearly. It is further enhanced by the bright Andalusia lighting, which evokes emotions and brings clarity to its viewers. It is crucial to highlight that the image only has three objects. The number of objects in the image draws the attention of viewers on the dancers and nothing else. This owes to the fact that any viewer will think about the dancers after seeing the picture. Ultimately, the picture is symmetrical, which ma...
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