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Witch Hunts Essay (Essay Sample)


The 1950s was the time of McCarthyism, the red scare, and much domestic advertising that reflected America’s Cold War battlefront. Find an image that represents one of these aspects of the Cold War at home. Insert the image with a URL into a discussion thread. Explain your image and what you think it represents about the Cold War. Why were Americans so afraid of domestic subversion?


Witch Hunts

In one of the most revered moments in the history of America, the red scare was a critical event. It represents one of the times that the American people lived in constant fear of reappraisal of even the food that they ate. It was a time that America was locked in the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

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This is an image the represents several centuries of the American history and with a subtle reference to the kind social experience the American public went through. It represents two uneventful occurrences that took places with centuries apart, but with a subtle and disturbing resemblance in reality. In the first incidence, which took place in the year 1692, three citizens are charged for allegedly taking part in witchcraft within Massachusetts in Salem village. When one of the slaves, Tituba, confessed after coercion to the crime, the authorities went...
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