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Diabetes Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The Instructor wants us to write a research paper, the topic for the research paper can be any are that pertains directly or indirectly to biology. Thus topics dealing with diseases, climate change, etc are perfect. in addition topics dealing with violence, business, advertising, cosmetics involving biology as well.


Diabetes increases the risk of morbidity and mortality, while the case for Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is now considered one of the approaches for managing the condition (Norris et al., 2002). However, follow-up sessions help to reinforce what the patients learn given that learned behavior may take time to change. Most of the diabetes interventions aim to improve the quality of life while also reducing complications. To maintain the long-term behavioral change, there is a need to understand how the different affect glycemic control. Since diabetic patients need to have adequate coping skills, the education intervention highlights the importance of lifestyle behavior in influencing health outcome. This paper focuses on the health communication in diabetes intervention and effectiveness of self-management intervention programs.
Homeostasis is the state of equilibrium that the enables the body to perform its function, and an imbalances comprises the health condition of a person. Diabetes is one of the diseases that affect homeostasis whereby there is an imbalance in the blood sugar levels as well as impaired water regulations (Unger & Schwartz, 2013). People suffering from diabetes have high sugar levels, and they may suffer thirst, hunger and urination more frequently compared to non-diabetics. In Type 1diabetes, the patients are unable to produce insulin, this results in an imbalance in the blood sugar levels (WebMed, 2015). The patients then require insulin injections to bring abuot homeostasis. On the other hand, the Type 2 diabetes arises when insulin levels produced are insufficient or the body is resistant to insulin (WebMed, 2015). Living a healthy lifestyle is recommended in his case including, exercising, proper dieting, weight loss and proper monitoring of the blood sugar levels.
Flow diagram of the diabetes progression

This explains the progression of diabetes depending on defective insulin action and secretion, which impair the homeostasis of blood glucose, while also increasing the risk of diabetes.
According to (Jayagopal et al., 2002), there is a biological variation in insulin resistance for patients with diabetes type 2. Since diabetic patients are at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, there is a need to identify the impact of insulin resistance, which can then be a therapeutic target. In any case, reducing insulin resistance is related to better gylcemic control, and this also facilitates the modification of various elements of the insulin resistance syndrome. Nonetheless, one of the main challenges in treating diabetes is that there are few studies that focus on the biological variability of insulin resistance (Jayagopal et al., 2002).
Negative feedback of homeostasis

The negative feedback loop highlights the changes to bring the body into a state of homeostasis after a rise in blood sugar level. When the glucose level increase the pancreas receptors produce more insulin, with liver in turn storing the glucose (glycogen), and this then returns the glucose level to the normal level to ensure there is no more deviation.
Pathogenesis of diabetes
The regulation of plasma glucose level occurs through insulin dependent processes but also those that are insulin independent. As such, these processes interact to regulate the glucose level within the acceptable limit in normal individuals. Among the insulin independent process is those regulated but the brain as well as the nervous system. The regulation of the glucose through glucose transporter 1(GLUT-1), which is a protein that facilitates glucose transportation where are high or low high plasma glucose levels and insulin (Lebovitz, n.d.). The adipose tissue and muscle respond to insulin, and t...
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