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Schizophrenia on Recovery Focused Care (Research Paper Sample)


- Introduces topic & clearly & succinctly states purpose
- Clearly identifies current best nursing practice for responding to psychoses (SCHIZOPHRENIA) In relation to Recovery focussed care
- Discusses rationale/s for the development.
- Assesses potential shortcomings
- Describe barriers to effective implementation
- Discuss means by which these barriers can be overcome

-Effectively draws all aspects of the topic together

Grammar, Style & Referencing
Content is appropriately objective and demonstrates a critical approach to the subject matter
Written work is of the required length and is presented in the correct format

Content is non-judgmental and writing does not generalise
Spelling and grammar are correct

Sources and quotes are acknowledged and referenced according to APA6 format

Sources used to support information are reputable and current (2010-2015)
Attached some materials to use for the study.


Recovery Focused Care
Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental disorders, which affects the way that the patient feels, thinks and acts (Scheyett, DeLuca & Morgan, 2013). As such the patients will have difficulty establishing the different between imaginary things and those that are real. Sometimes they will show signs of withdrawal, become unresponsive and even have difficulty expressing normal emotions when in social situations. Contrary to common belief, the patients suffering from schizophrenia do not have split personality, they are not violent and thus not a danger to those around them (Dilks, Tasker & Wren, 2010). It is also crucial to note that, the disorder is not caused by childhood experiences, lack of will power, poor parenting and patients rarely exhibit similar symptoms. However the disorder has been found to be caused by genetics, viral infections, environmental events and extreme stressful situations (Scheyett, DeLuca & Morgan, 2013). Patients with the disorder have been found to have chemical imbalances in the brain; therefore they may have problems processing stimuli (Lakeman, 2010).
Recovery focused care is part of the sustainable means of containing the disorder and helping the patients. Most patients suffering from the condition have a problem leading a normal life. As such, recovery focused care offers the patient a chance to contain the condition using medical interventions as well as social interventions (Dilks, Tasker & Wren, 2010). It is not enough that the patient is not experiencing the symptoms and the relapses as often, as they also have the psychological part to deal with (Scheyett, DeLuca & Morgan, 2013). For the medical practitioners, this means that they have employ the best practices, involving the patient and other professionals to make the best interventions. The interventions have to help the patient with overall health and their well-being (Lakeman, 2010). This means that they have to address the symptoms, relapses, provide information to the clients and encourage social inclusion, such that the patients are able to manage their condition and improve their lives; in essence, interventions should embrace a holistic element.
Purpose of the study: To establish the fundamental elements of a recovery focused program designed for schizophrenia patients
Recovery Focused Care
In 2003 in America the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health that was formed under the president's office, established a report on mental health titled Achieving the promise: transforming mental health care in America (Caldwell, Sclafani, Swarbrick & Piren, 2010). In the report they noted some of the fundamental components of mental health care directed towards recovery. The report cited that all the interventions directed towards recovery in mental health care must have the elements of respect, self-direction, holistic nature, hope, peer support, responsibility, non-linear care, empowerment, strength based treatment, individualized and person centered care (Caldwell, Sclafani, Swarbrick & Piren, 2010). In light of devising mechanisms to deliver recovery focused care, the rationale for these elements being that they form the backbone of the practices of care. The report further emphasized the fact that, relationships are crucial to the wellbeing of the patient, whether with the medical team or the families and friends.
The key foundations of recovery based care revolve around some key elements that have to be integral to the entire plan. One of the aspects that have to be addressed is that, the interventions have to acknowledge that care is patient and family driven. The rationale in this is that care has to be centered on the patient and not the medical teams. This also means that care decisions have to be r...
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