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Future of nursing. IOM assignment (Research Paper Sample)



IOM Assignment


IOM Future of Nursing Assignment:  

1.  Analyze the IOM report.  Select one (1) of the 4 key statements that you believe is the most important issue in the IOM's report brief on the Future of Nursing that should be the highest priority for RNs. (5 points)

2.  Explain/defend your reasoning by using information from the (a) IOM report brief,  and IOM pdf summary, and (b) your professional experience. (20 points)

3.  Write a 1-2 page report.  Use APA format (title page, reference page are not 'counted' within 2 page report) (5 points)

  Due in the dropbox AND, post a copy in the IOM Discussion Forum by 11:59PM Tuesday






IOM video: http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=d2symy1Djgc&feature=related 


(Skip to minute 8 and begin--intros took that long....Be sure to listen through the end of the Q&A--you'll find it informative)


IOM pdf summary:



IOM report:



Future of nursing
Future of nursing
There are 4 key statements discussed in the IOM's report brief on the Future of Nursing that are of high priority for RNs. I believe that the third statement is the most important issue in that should be of highest priority to RNs: Nurses should be in full partnership with other health care professionals in order to redesign health care in the US. This kind of partnership equips nurses with the required skills needed to advance their profession and improve health care.
According to the IOM's report, nurses need to act both as leaders and full partners in efforts to redesign health care in the United States, and be accountable and responsible for their contributions towards high quality care delivery. This would only be possible when nurses work with other health professionals collaboratively. In the IOM's report, it is documented that when nurses are in full partnership, they will be able to take responsibility for devising and implementing plans to improve health care, identifying areas of health system waste, making adjustment to achieve the goals, and tracking health care improvement over time. Nurses should be actively involved in health policy formulation and on advisory boards where decisions regarding patient care and health system improvement are discussed. This is important because they are the professionals in primary contact with the patients. It is also important for nurses to take responsibility for their growth professionally. This can be highly promoted when they are ...
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