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What Disparities Do We Know Exist For This Disease? (Research Paper Sample)


One of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce health disparities among populations. Select one of the leading health indicators as identified by Healthy People 2020 and write a research paper of 750-1,000 words on the health disparities related to that condition. For the health indicator selected, the paper should include a discussion on the following:
Health Problem
Definition of the problem
Descriptive epidemiology (person, place, time)
Etiology (causes, risk factors)
Health Disparities
What disparities do we know exist for this disease?
Why do these disparities exist?
What explanations have been offered or supported?
What research questions have not been studied that may provide new, insightful information regarding this health problem?
Public Policy
Why is it an important public health problem?
What are some social, political, or economic barriers in our current health care system that impede disease prevention and health promotion for this health problem?
How would you educate/disseminate information about this health problem to the public? (target group, financial constraints)
How could one of a health administrator/manager's general policies or policies specific to this health condition impact the health status of the target population?
You are required to use a minimum of three scholarly resources.


Health Disparities
Health Disparities
Healthy People 2020 is a program in the US that aims at improving the health of every citizen. The program has over 1,200 goals and 42 topic areas to cover. The program contains a smaller objective known as Leading Health Indicators that communicates the high health issues that have been given priority in the nation (Aungst, 2011). Over the years, the country has made a great effort at reducing stroke, the death rates from coronary heart diseases, and the rate of life expectancy at birth. The work covers life expectancy at birth as a health issue and the health disparities that exist in the problem as well as the public policy on the issue.
Health Problem
Life expectancy at birth rate refers to the average time that a newborn is anticipated to live provided that the prevailing death rates is constant. The current death rates measure that the real-life spans will be greater than the life expectancy if the life expectancy rates are falling. The life expectancy in Mississippi is the lowest in the US because most of the people in the area are poor (Authority, 2011). The study covers the life expectancy in the state from 1990 to 2016. Currently, the life expectancy at birth in Mississippi is 75 years.
The low life expectancy at birth in the state is attributed to the high population growth, increase in the rate of unemployment, and poverty levels. The high poverty levels improve the rate of violence cases among the youth that may result in death. Hence, contributing to the low life expectancy experienced in the state. The state reports high cases of accidents and murders. The accidents occur due to poor road management and some deaths result from attacks by illegal groups such as gang groups.
Health Disparities
Health disparity is the difference in the health facilities and services as well as access to such equipment. The major disparity that exists in life expectancy at birth is ethnic and racial disparities. Resources are allocated according to the ethnic group that live in a state. For instance, in Mississippi, most of the population are Black Americans. Hence, they receive little help from the government regarding the provision of health care facilities. Most facilities are taken to developed states and since Mississippi is one of the nations with low economic development, it receives little favor from the central government, which is the reason the state has low life expectancy at birth. More so, there is a poor system of government within the region to control the rate of crime rate that results in the death of most people because of attacks from illegal groups.
Several researchers explain th

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