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Nursing Research Paper About Using Of Fetal Tissues (Research Paper Sample)


The use of fetal tissue
what's The dilema?
What is the use? (Living cells from an aborted fetus are transplanted into another person)
Why is it used?
What are the legal problems and the legislation purpose to control use including limiting age of in vitro fetus to six weeks?
Why is fetal tissue desirable for this?
When is fetal tissue best?
Who gives permission for use of fetal tissue?
Does anyone own fetal tissues?
What do religious groups say about this?
What are the right to life of fetus created in a test tube?
How are nurses involved


Use of Fetal Tissues
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The Use of Fetal Tissue
The subject of fetus tissue in researches is embroiled with a lot of controversies and dilemma regarding elective ambitions processes as well as the right and integrity and independence of scientific research. The issue has sparked an unprecedented attention that has been presented to Assembly Bill 305 in the Wisconsin Legislature, which could lead to the abolishment or restriction on the of fetus tissues derived from abortions for research. (Catalano, 2015) The proponents of the bill have place much criticism on Planned Parenthood and its affiliate organization for providing cell tissue from aborted fetuses to medical researchers arguing that the activity is illegal since it used for profit making (Catalano, 2015). On the other hand, scientist and doctors do not share this view citing that is ethical to use human fetal and other embryonic tissue from abortions since it is a requisite approach for advancing scientific inquiry and preventing early development defects and diseases, hence opposing the bill vehemently as it is perceived as an infringement to independency of scientific research.
Fetal tissue are used by researchers in medicine for a wide range of purposes. First, the tissue is used to learn how the body regenerates organs and tissues to learn. Second, the tissue is used to study normal development, defects, and diseases, miscarriages to learn the causes of this problem in early development, which can be a guide to therapeutic, preventive and treating strategies (Catalano, 2015). Lastly, they are also used in studying the impact of medicines and toxins and other foreign materials on effected a fetus. The fetal tissue cells are preferred to old tissue cells because they can be manipulated into almost any form of tissue, have the the capacity or regenerate rapidly and are less likely to be rejected by the host unlike the adult tissue cells.
The use of fetal tissues are implicated with many legal problems, and this has attracted intervention from Federal and State laws that have protected the interests of all the stakeholders involved without hampering the advancement of scientific researches in this field. However, the law regarding the use of fetal tissues varies from one state to another as some are restricting

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