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SYNTHESIS PAPER: DOCTORAL IDENTITY. Education Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Synthesis Paper: Doctoral Identity
In Topic 2, you were asked to read three articles on the topic of doctoral identity and to complete an annotated bibliography to demonstrate their understanding of the material. In Topic 3, you were asked to take this process a step further and identify themes found in the three articles and to complete a synthesis worksheet where the themes were supported by evidence from each article. In this assignment, you will build on your worksheet efforts and write a paper about the three themes. The narrative will not only present the evidence from the articles to support the identified themes, but also will provide an analysis for each theme by synthesizing the information collected.
General Requirements:
Locate the Synthesis Worksheet you completed in Topic 3.
Locate and download "Synthesis Paper Template" from the Course Materials for this topic.
Review the articles by Baker & Pifer (2011), Gardner (2009), and Smith & Hatmaker (2014) located in the Course Materials for this topic.
This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. Review the GCU APA Style Guide for Writing located in the Student Success Center.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.
Using the Synthesis Worksheet you completed in Topic 3 and considering the themes you developed and the feedback provided by your instructor, write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) that synthesizes the three articles. Your paper should include the following:
An introduction that introduces and provides context for the topic. This includes giving a brief description of each article and its purpose, identifying the three themes that emerged from your reading, describing how they will be discussed in the paper, and presenting a clear thesis statement.
Support for your identified themes with evidence from each article. Provide analysis of these findings to strengthen your narrative.
A discussion of the conclusions that can be drawn when the articles are taken together as a single entity. What is the overall message of the group of articles?
Attached are the following:
a) My Synthesis Worksheet (assignment and graded 141/150 by Professor Dr. with comments and suggestions what needs to be done)
b) Synthesis Paper Template (from Professor Dr. that we must use in writing this assignment paper)
c) Rubric used for this assignment paper
d) rough draft ( ideas I noted down)
e) Writings and answers based on these these sources/articles by Baker & Pifer (2011), Gardner (2009), and Smith & Hatmaker (2014) could be found in the internet; I wrote these as references too
Assignment-paper must be submitted on the 19th of February before midnight. If I could submit it on the 18th, much better please.
Thank you so much!


Synthesis Worksheet
Delight Penaverde-McKitrick
Grand Canyon University

 Synthesis Worksheet
Introduction Capture interest:
A key aspect of the success of doctoral students is their interactions and relationships with other students and their supervisors. The interaction is affected by needs and characteristics of the students and institutional conditions, and the attitudes, skills, and roles of supervisors and the supervisory styles they use. Previous researchers have established that relationships and interactions, formal or informal and incidental or frequent, are critical to the academic success of doctoral students throughout all stages of the doctoral process (Baker and Pifer 2011). This has also been supported by the fact that student success is linked to institutional socialization, faculty mentoring, and student proactivity (Smith and Hatmaker 2014). This shows that doctoral students who engage in interactions and relationships with other students and supervisors register better academic success than those who do not. Although there are several other factors that influence the academic performance of doctoral students, relationships and interactions are the most influential and determine a student’s overall academic performance. 

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