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Approaches of Combating Transnational Organized Crimes (Research Paper Sample)


The subject is global sustainability. I need a deep research with examples up to date. And analyses .


Approaches of Combating Transnational Organized Crimes
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Approaches of Combating Transnational Organized Crimes
Transitional organized crimes paint a major threat to nations. Their impact is felt by security agencies, health interventions, economies and democratic establishments. Currently, escalation of the illicit networks is not the only danger but also diversification of the crime activities. The illicit networks are driven by the motive of making a profit (Pankratz and Matiasek, 2012). The crimes have shifted from convergence threats to destabilizing effects like violence and use of explosives. What is new in the malpractice is the propagation in geographic scope, volume, and their complexity. Thus, need for a suitable approach to solving these problems. In the present world, international crimes are roughly transaction associated deals and not products. But still illicit trade like human trafficking and smuggling, drug trafficking and weapon trafficking pose a great danger to democratic institutions. The study focuses on strategies to combat transnational organized crimes. It encompasses an assessment of the malpractices and ends with a vivid description of tactics that can be of help in solving the problem.
Assessment of Transnational Crimes
Transnational organized crime denotes self-propagated connotations of persons functioning across the borders of two or more nations with the purpose of gaining commercial or influential power, through awkward, illegal, or violent means. Through rationalization, they manage to confuse individuals to be their followers (The White House, 2011). Hence, use their powers in addition to their members to exploit nations or parts of countries. The transitional organized crimes operate in a diversity of structures (United Nations Office of Drug and Crime, 2010). They vary from region to region, cells to cells, network to networks or nation to nation. An aspect which enables them to skip being arrested or being brought to law. The offenders act conspiratorially in their crimes. Moreover, in one way or the other they seem to develop or initiate activities such as violence or other events that threaten their subjects to follow their demands. Exploits variances between two or more parties with the aim of avoiding detection or expanding their power. Endeavors to gain influence in commerce, politics or state through corruption or even legitimate ways. Their goal is the economic achievement which is not only from the multinational wrongdoings but also from authentic investments like real estate businesses or other assets. Their organizational structure insulates their headship and affiliation from prosecution, sanction or detection.
Threats to governance: Third world countries and other destabilized nations with the frail rule of law are vulnerable to transitional organized crimes penetration (The White House, 2011). The infiltration of these illicit networks is deepening, results to weakening of authority and co-option in limited cases. The apparent escalation of these threats in high-level businesses and even in intelligence services in developing countries depicts a threat to democratic institutions and economic growth. Corruption in these nations has significantly promoted these activities. Even the law and prosecution agencies have turned a blind eye on the phenomena due to corruption. Hence, creating an opportunity for the affiliates to insinuate their forbidden business in society. They support their members to office by bribery. Thus, quickly gain political say. The networks build a close association with security teams, law implementation agencies, commercial bodies and political front-runners. A factor that weakens free market and threatens security. Somalia demonstrates how transnational organized crimes can lead to nation insta...
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