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Marketing Research. Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


For this paper, you will continue where you left off but now you will
add an area for each of the elements of a research report (see
http://www(dot)socialresearchmethods(dot)net/kb/guideelements.php). For the
methodology section, state the sample population and the tests you
plan to use along with the assumptions, e.g., what do these tests
purport to measure. Don’t forget to provide at least two hypotheses.
In addition, discuss in detail your sample, procedures you plan to use,
and provide your questionnaire and focus group questions as
appendices at the end of your paper. Based upon what you learned in
the last few modules, your questionnaires should have improved.
Do NOT survey anyone for this assignment, but provide a summary of
the expected outcomes and implications, e.g., individuals surveyed,
your organization, and or society overall.
In your conclusion, provide no more than 3-4 sentences on how you
believe your Marketing Research Report can be used in your future.
Again, this assignment is not to make you a statistician, which is why I
am not asking you for major calculations or to survey a sample
population. Nevertheless, if you do this assignment with enthusiasm,
you have a blueprint to build on for years to come.
Writing guidelines for your paper:
8-10 pages (not including title page and references page)
Double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point
Times New Roman.
Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes.
APA style.
Cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism.
Incorporate a thesis statement and conclusion that are both
supported by research and analysis.

You have been hired on as a marketing researcher for  a company similar to Edward Jones. The CEO wants to know why many minority groups and those who stopped their education after high school do not invest.


Marketing Research
Marketing Research
It is common to see several largely successful businesses and yet none of them are carried out by minority groups and people that stopped their education after high school. In fact, most of the time, these people never take the opportunity to invest. It is therefore important to perform a market research to get to understand the relationship between them failure to invest and the group that someone comes from and their level of education. According to Bov& Sun (n.d, n.p), market research refers to the process followed to gather, analyze and interpret information related to a market, including the services or products that they offer for sale, the customers, market characteristics, location, spending habits, the needs of the target market and the competitors. Whenever companies want to succeed, they need a well conducted market research to enable them to get information that they can interpret and act decisively.

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