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Business Plan: Super Premium Brand (Research Paper Sample)

http://www(dot)dohaup(dot)com/up/2012-11-29/admin1749150255.jpg http://www(dot)dohaup(dot)com/up/2012-11-29/admin355263231.jpg We as a group won\'t actually sell the sandwiches in the cafeteria. Also, you can get any kind of ingredients online to make a super premium meal as long as it costs between 30 - 50$. You can use this site to get all the prices needed for the grocery list http://www(dot)netgrocer(dot)com & never mind the presentation part. source..

Business Plan: Super Premium Brand
Super premium the group’s business project aims to venture in sandwich making to be sold in the school cafeteria. It is our hope that this venture will be fruitful especially, since the focus is on super premium brands which cost between $30 to 50. Ultimately, the project seeks to gain a competitive edge over other competitors. Besides focusing on profit generation the group will also utilize good customer services. In order, to achieve our goals it is necessary to provide a detailed business plan. Business plans have details on projected revenues, expenditure it also includes all information pertaining to the sandwich business. A business plan is essential for small business as help in strategic planning.
Mission statement: To be the preferred super premium sandwich brand, through our unique recipe and customer service, with the provision of beverages. The group will offer training further training to members at no extra cost; they can also enjoy the sandwiches in special occasions. All this is to offered at a competitive price.
Vision statement
The group will ensure students and staff enjoy the sandwiches, when they are still fresh in the serene environment in the cafeteria. The quality and value of the sandwiches is good.
Although most small businesses prepare business plans, they nonetheless fail to in crafting strategic planning. Strategic planning is a vital tool in achieving financial there is a direct correlation between strategic planning and growth of a business. Strategic planning is not the only reason that small businesses show financial strength it is thus, important for small businesses.
Legal and HR plan for the business
The legal status will be a partnership composed of all the members, the membership is however open to other members who have knowledge about the art of sandwich, those with proven marketing skills or anyone likely to...
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