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Nursing Reaction Paper: Personal Reflection On Video Link (Reaction Paper Sample)


Watch three of the TEDX talks listed on and write about what you learned and how it impacted you as a person. Please include the title of each talk that you watched. This personal reflection paper should be between 2 Pages long.
This paper has to seem as if it was a personal reflection from myself so I am just providing you with some brief background on myself. My name is John Smith I am 25 years old and I live in New Jersey, USA. I work as a Customer Service Agent for United Airlines at Newark Intl Airport in NJ. Thank you


Beyond Disability
Beyond Disability
Watching the videos and listening to the speakers with disabilities, is a moving experience. For most of the people, inclusivity is an element that feels like a normalcy. It is an element that they were born with from the time that they were born. This is relative to the fact that, the vast majority of the systems in place were designed with the abled persons in mind (Reissman, 2017). Most of the facilities in the public spaces have only recently included the provisions that allow those living with disability to live a fulfilling life. It is quite moving to imagine that, persons living with disability are almost always left out in any of the plans that involve public policies and developments (Reissman, 2017). They are a marginalized group as they are considered insignificant.
As Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, being disabled does not mean that one is insignificant compared to the rest of the population (Reissman, 2017). This is more so true relative to the fact that, close to one billion persons in the world population are disabled. This is to mean that, close to fifteen percent of the world population is actually composed of persons that are living with different levels of disability. This is a very significant population and one that should be taken care of

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