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World War 2 and Vietnam War Analyze (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Compare a film about World War 2 with one about the Vietnam War and analyze the extent to which they are realistic, especially in view of the increased bloodshed and violence depicted on the screen in recent movies. For example, you can explain the effects of increased technology in weaponry or in the use of chemical substances such as Agent Orange. OR, you could use the functionalist perspective to explain the functions and dysfunctions of war at the two time periods chosen. You could also consider in what ways war would be functional or dysfunctional if nuclear weapons were ever employed.

Analysis of World War 2 and Vietnam War
Since the World War 2, films showing action, drama and violent shedding of blood have considerably grown. Films such as Wake Island (1942) meant to convey events of the war to viewers in America and other parts of the western countries. Similarly, recreations of the Vietnam War in Full Metal Jacket (1987) presented graphic events of bloodshed and injustice to the viewers (McCosker 1). After the Vietnam and Cold wars, there has been renewed motivation to understand the visual and representational practices of the coverage and narration of the war.
In film theory, realism refers to individual aesthetic approaches and filmmaking movements. Films such as Saving Private Ryan seem to act as historical documents for modern viewers moved by the power of the movie's representation of the circumstances and events of the battlefield. Some scholars explain that combat films attempt to show in details the trauma in self-identifying the activities and the difficult times that soldiers experience in the battlefield as a method of presenting a sense of the real expertise (McCosker 2).
The concern with realism in theatre revolves around questions of how one can remember events through mediums that clearly defer. Other scholars view realism as a dominated method of representation. The brutal scenes in films such as Saving Private Ryan and Platoon integrate the audience with its horrific and graphic picturesCITATION McC \p 5 \l 2057 (McCosker 5). Continually bringing up the brutal scene of the D-day landing evokes responses from the public and critics alike exposing the role of the film, which is re-enacting the trauma caused by war. Realism in combat film has continually attempted to show the viewers' war experiences from a geographical and h...
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