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Misfits In The Society Research Assignment Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. choose 2 groups out of the 7 from the opposite page and read about what it was like for them in the time of Jesus. Use at least one source other than the textbook. Cite your source. In addition, describe how Jesus interacted with them( be specific). (20)
2. Then identify who these groups are in our society today. (Think creatively and symbolically here.) Present their situation today and how Jesus might interact with them. Back up your view with an example from scripture. (20)
3. Conclude with a paragraph reflection on how you think the Church today relates to any of the marginalized groups listed on the opposite page. (For example, what does the Church do for________? What does the Church not do that it should do for_______?) Be specific—you will have to research this! You have to back up your view. (20)
Write up your findings in a Word document to hand in (MLA format)(20). Two pages minimum. Cover page with two pictures—then and now (10). Submit to Be prepared to share your findings in a class discussion (10).

Leprosy was a disease that was treated with much disdain in the bible. Persons that were found to have the disease, were considered unclean. As such, they did not live with their families and were not allowed to come close to other persons. As such, they would only live outside the walls of the city. As Leviticus 13: 45-45, the persons with the disease would have to stay out of the camp (Leviticus 13: 45-45). They were also required to be unkempt, so that they could not be mistaken with the rest of the people. It was considered a disease that could only be cured by God ("Why Is Leprosy Talked About So Much In The Bible?"). As such, for most of the people the disease was a curse from God. While the community despised the people with the disease, Jesus treated them differently. In Mathew 8:2-4, Jesus is seen to heal the first leaper Mathew 8:2-4. This was an indication of the love that Jesus showed those that were treated with disdain in the society. Jesus is brought a different approach to the way that the sick were treated. Other than shunning them away from the community, He encouraged that they are supported and considered healed and forgiven. As such, he lifted the curse and showed love to them as indicated in Hebrew 4:16 and Psalms 103:12. The tax collectors on the other hand were also treated with disdain as they were considered traitors ("Tax Collector"). This is also mostly in reference to the fact that they were loyal to the Roman empire. While the rest of the com...
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