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The Peer Review Form On Partner's Essay: Revision & Personal Feedback (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Complete the peer-review form on your partner's essay. Once you're done, submit it on Blackboard and also bring a printed copy to class so that you can discuss it with your partner. Remember the peer-review guidelines we discussed!
Start with positive feedback. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. It's important to recognize your peers' strengths both to help them understand what they are doing right and to identify positive aspects of their writing that you can try to imitate.
Focus on issues that compromise meaning. Some issues make it hard to understand what exactly your peers are arguing. Try to give comments that will address areas where the content, organization, or language make comprehension difficult.
Make your feedback constructive. Just telling someone that what they are doing is wrong doesn't help them improve. When providing feedback, make specific suggestions about what your peers can do to improve their essay.
Soften your comments. This goes hand in hand with making feedback constructive. When pointing out an issue, phrase your feedback nicely. Instead of saying, “this is bad,” explain that “This area was a bit confusing to me because…”
Don't be afraid to suggest deep revisions. If the content and organization of a piece of writing are not successful, sometimes it's necessary to make big revisions. Focusing just on surface-level issues won't address the root of the problem. You'll help your peers more if you make them aware of deeper issues.


(Student's name)
(Professor's name)
Literature and Language
07 March 2018
Peer Review
The 1st line needs to have more words and elaboration before going to another sentence. The 3rd sentence starts with the word “but” which should have been just a continuation of the 2nd sentence. The arrangement of words in the last sentence could be improved and can be said better. To be honest, the introduction needs to be written in a catchier way so that readers would want to continue.
2nd paragraph:
There should be a comma after the word “however” and there needs to be an apostrophe s on the name “Tito.” In addition, the 1st sentence is too long and “lead” should be spelled “led” because the writer is not talking about the element. A comma should be placed after the word “besides.”
3rd paragraph:
The word “it” should be written after “behind.” The last sentence of the paragraph is lacking explanation.
4th paragraph:
Before mentioning who Tito was, it is necessary to include a line that links the 3rd paragraph to the 2nd and how it is important to him being a lawyer. The 3rd sentence is a run-on and after the word “it” should be a period. The writer should write “hurting” instead of “hearting” and a period is needed after “people.” “On consequence…” should be changed to “He even forgot…having a

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