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American Holocaust (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Reading Summary about David E. Stannard, American Holocaust (page 3 to 55) 1. Introdutory paragraph-write a brief summary of the selected reading discussing the main theme of the reading. Write a one-sentence thesis statement on the weekly reading. Underline the thesis statement. 2. body (evidence)paragraph-Discussing key passages or sentences from the selected reading as evidence. be sure to provide multiple direct quotes from the reading as evidence. also provide page citation for all quotes used as evidence. try to used 3-5 direct quotes from the weekly reading as evidence in the body paragraph. 3. concluding-brief conclusion discussing your own opinion on the readins. source..
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American Holocaust
The entire book has been fashioned to explain the massacres and genocides that have taken place and involve the United States. Some of the violent acts that have been analyzed in the book date back to as 1490. The book analyzes the Arawak massacre alongside other Spanish assaults. The first 60 pages have been employed to introduce the reader to the causes of violence as well as some of the ancient massacres. Here, the reader is provided with information about the causes of massacres and the impact these massacres had. The author has been successful in outlining the events that caused the violence and the effect of these violent occurrences. In the analysis, one of the root causes that existed was cultural diversity. In the first 40 pages, the author has introduced different societies and the role that was played by these differences with regards to the onset of the massacres. The topics that are covered in the first 60 pages are Before Columbus and the introductory part of Pestilence and Genocide. The problems that were being faced by the Indians, the natives, and other communities were rooted on the cultural differences of these communities. Through the first 60 pages of the book, it is clear to note that cultural differences are a fueling factor w...
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