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Stannard, American Holocaust, pg 57-95 (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Reading Summary about David E. Stannard, American Holocaust (page 57 to 95) 1. Introdutory paragraph-write a brief summary of the selected reading discussing the main theme of the reading. Write a one-sentence thesis statement on the weekly reading. Underline the thesis statement. 2. body (evidence)paragraph-Discussing key passages or sentences from the selected reading as evidence. be sure to provide multiple direct quotes from the reading as evidence. also provide page citation for all quotes used as evidence. try to used 3-5 direct quotes from the weekly reading as evidence in the body paragraph. 3. concluding-brief conclusion discussing your own opinion on the readings. It's from beginning of the "II pestilence and genocide" . Reading summary is whole chapter 3 which is from page 57 to 95. source..
Analyzing "Pestilence and Genocide" in Stannard`s American Holocaust Introduction The Chapter entitled "Pestilence and Genocide in David Stannard`s American Holocaust outlines the gruesome situation of Europe by the time Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World. It also shows the grave condition of much of the people of the Continent during the 15th towards the 17th centuries amidst the lavish lifestyle of a handful of royal men that rules their respective countries. The imageries were horrifying: exploitation, plagues, pestilence, widespread hunger, and rampant crimes ravaged almost all of Europe. But this was the only the other half of the story. During Columbus` travels to the New World, he brought with him not only marauding legions and conquerors but also pestilence and deaths. Body Columbus came and conquered the New World with rabid ferocity and swiftness. According to Stannard (1992, 69), "Wherever the marauding, diseased, and heavily armed Spanish forces went out on patrol, accompanied by ferocious armored dogs that had been trained to kill and disembowel, they preyed on the local communities - already plague-enfeebled -- forcing them to supply food and women and slaves, and whatever else the soldiers might desire." The colonization of the New World aims to provide the necessary resources for the fledgling European continent, among others. This was even fueled by the quest to dominate the world, conquering and ever expanding in new territories; the competition during Columbus` time was between Spain and Portugal. Despite these outrag...
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