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Discussion Post. Comparative politics. Social Sciences Assignment. (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In this week/module's readings you explored the concept of development. The authors provided you with thoughts on both the causes of development and various methods by which development may be measured. What do the authors mean by "development"? What indicators are most useful and effective in measuring development? What indicators, if any, should be added to those described by the authors? How might one go about distinguishing between causes and effects? For example, is wealth a cause of development, evidence of development, or a neutral characteristic that is neither a cause or an effect of development? What about liberty?


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Dickovick and Eastwood argue that development is a complex issue often determined by various indicators. One of the indicators that the authors believe determines the development is poverty. Poverty refers to the level of income necessary to sustain a reasonable standard of living within a specific country (Dickovick & Eastwood, 2019). For example, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program sets an indicator of absolute poverty being below 1.25 dollars per day (per person). Another indicator of development is social outcomes and human development. These examine human capital and health, such as life expectancy, infant mortality, and literacy rates. 

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